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5 Shows like Family Guy: Who Said Cartoons Are for Kids?

A talking baby, a horny dog, a couple of mixed up kids and parents that do not like those mixed-up kids too much, all in one show? Yes, Family Guy is as crazy as it sounds, and very funny. If you simply cannot get enough offensive animation, TV shows like Family Guy, include the spin off show The Cleveland Show and cult classic The Simpsons.

“Giggity Giggity Giggity – Quagmire”

If you are reading this, you are likely to be in a desperate search to find a TV series that contains as many irreverent and, often offensive, jokes as the brilliant Fox TV show Family Guy. Peter Griffin heads up a family of oddballs from the fictional town of Quahog, an awkward place indeed.

All of the characters in the show like to talk a lot, including a baby called Stewie and a dog called Brian, and thrive on playing tricks on one and other. If you are looking for TV series like Family Guy that are just as wacky, Trey Parker’s South Park will tick all of your boxes, as will the very clever American Dad.

‘The Cleveland Show’ (Persons Unknown Productions, 2009-2013)

The Griffin’s favourite neighbour Cleveland gets his own show, as he leaves Quahog for a new adventure and fulfil a lifelong promise to a former girlfriend, who he becomes reacquainted with, in his hometown of Virginia. All of the episodes in the show contain non-stop humour as the bumbling Cleveland gets to grips with his new lifestyle. The story lines are way out there at times, but who needs normal when you are looking for a little animated escapism?

Cleveland is one of the most likeable characters in Family Guy, so by getting his own show, we get to see the character beneath the jokes, something that does not always happen on Family Guy. More sentimental, but equally as fun!

Similarity Match: 95%
With Family Guy favourite Cleveland starring in his own show and writer McFarlane providing just as many jokes as his original series, this is a great show for a spot of laughter therapy, only slightly less offensive.

‘The Simpsons’ (Fox, 1989-)

You would have to have lived in a cave for the past two decades to not have heard of The Simpsons, but even so, you may not have got around to watching more than a couple of episodes. Join Homer, Marge and their never ageing kids on a whirlwind adventure in the small town of Springfield. You will love the great Simpsons movie parodies in the show, something that the directors of the films featured are proud of.  If you are anything like me, you will want to watch episode after episode to see how Homer is going to get out of his next mess and just how Bart will annoy his sister Lisa yet again.

Similarity Match: 90%
The Simpsons are not as rude and outlandish as The Griffin’s, but they provide an equal amount of jokes that stand the test of time.

‘American Dad’ (Fox, 2005-)

American Dad is another adult animation series like Family Guy, that you will just love. Who needs a superhero when they have Stan Smith! Stan is an eccentric CIA agent, who vows to keep America safe, but does so in the strangest of ways. Extremely right wing, some of Stan’s jokes will have you hiding behind your cushion and cringing. As well as Stan’s oddball family, we meet a german speaking goldfish and a sarcastic space alien, making American Dad far from your average TV show.

Similarity Match: 85%
Like Family Guy, American Dad portrays the every day lives of an unconventional family in the USA. Awkward jokes fill every episode, some of them so wrong but so right!

‘King of the Hill’ (Deedle-Dee Productions, 1997-2010)

Hardworking Hank Hill would give anything for a quiet life, but he has no such luck when living with his offbeat family, including wife Peggy and his socially awkward son Bobby. Set in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas, Hank not only battles with his excitable family, but his eccentric and nosy neighbours. It is not all doom and gloom for Hank, as he does find some refuge when he immerses himself in true Texan life, steak, cowboys and all.

Similarity Match: 80%
The comedy is a little darker in King of the Hill, but is equally, if not more, funny. Family Guy fans will love being on the inside of the latest family jokes and will really feel for all-American Hank.

‘South Park’ (Comedy Central, 1997-)

Who killed Kenny? Watch Trey Parker’s cult classic adult animation and you may just find out. South Park follows the dysfunctional lives of Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman, four fourth grade boys with mischief on their mind and profanities on the tip of their tongue every second. Set in a small, and very odd, town in Colorado, Stan and friends find themselves in the most bizarre situations you ever thought possible, with one unlucky friend failing to survive each episode. Check out the top Kenny deaths, to get an idea of just how insane this show can be.

Similarity Match: 75%
Equally shocking as Family Guy, well, actually more shocking than Family Guy, Trey Parker pinpoints all that is great about small town satire.


Family Ties

Watching a show like Family Guy is very comforting for those seeking a family more dysfunctional than theirs. If you are looking for more family based animation, King of the Hill will give you a big brother view of life in suburban America and The Cleveland Show will give you more insight into the Griffin’s favourite neighbour.

I hope you like our recommendation for shows similar to Family Guy. Can you think of another TV show that you’d like to recommend to lovers of Family Guy?

I’d love to read about how I can get my next TV fix in the comments below.

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