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6 Shows like Fairy Tail: Animated Adventures

Andrew Wilmot itcherA light spirited series created by Hiro Mashima, ‘Fairy Tail’ has created a loyal following from its manga and anime, detailing the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia and the band of wizards called ‘Fairy Tail’. For more TV shows like ‘Fairy Tail’, check out ‘Naruto’, ‘Rave Master’ and these other animated gems. ~ Andrew Wilmot

Embarking on a Mission

“You have three choices, you can give up, give in, or give it your all…” – Lucy Heartfilia

The brainchild of Hiro Mashima, ‘Fairy Tail’ details the adventures of 17 year old wizard Lucy Heartfilia who runs away from home to join an infamous wizards’ guild named Fairy Tail. She embarks on missions with a wizard with dragon-like abilities, his cat like companion, an ice wizard, and an armored wizard. Together they subjugate illegal guilds and demons, and do battle with Grimoire Heart, a dark guild.

Shows Similar to ‘Fairy Tail’…

‘Bleach’ (Studio Pierrot, 2004-2014)

One of the most successful animes ever, ‘Bleach’s’ mammoth 366 episodes ( and 4 films) detail Ichigo Kurosaki’s adventures after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper (similar to the Grim Reaper) from Rukia Kuchiki, another Soul Reaper. Now he’s forced to take on the duties of degending humans from evil spirits, and guiding souls to the afterlife.

‘Bleach’ touches on religious and cultural themes, in particular the traditional Japanese belief of spirits coexisting with humans, and whether they’re good or evil depends on their circumstances, as well as taking inspiration from Christianity and Shinto.

Similarity Match: 90%
‘Bleach’ and ‘Fairy Tail’ both focus on young people finding their calling in life, and growing in the face of adversity. The fact the characters have supernatural powers helps too!

‘One Piece’ (Toei Animation, 1999)

‘One Piece’ begins with the execution of the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. Moments before his demise, he announces that his treasure, the One Piece will be available to anyone who finds it, beginning the Great Pirate Era.

Twenty-two years after Roger’s execution, Mokey D Luffy and “Red Haired” Shanks set off on a journey to find the One Piece…

The Manga it’s based off of is the best selling Manga series in history with 320 million sales and ongoing, and it’s easy to see why.

Similarity Match: 80%
Taking a similar light hearted youthful adventure approach as ‘Fairy Tail’, ‘One Piece’ is a great choice for fans of shows like ‘Fairy Tail’, despite its mostly high seas setting.

‘Naruto’ (Studio Pierrot, 2002-2007, 2007-Ongoing)

‘Naruto’ is the story of a young boy who contains a powerful monster that once destroyed his whole village, who sets out to become the greatest ninja of his village. After a number of years, a powerful criminal organization, Akatsuki, starts to kidnap the hosts of all the powerful Tailed Beasts, going after the one inside Naruto.

Similarity Match: 70%
Fans of shows like ‘Fairy Tail’ will enjoy the adventures of ‘Naruto’ and his friends, with similar characters and a similar theme of young people finding their place in life.

‘Rave Master’ (Studio Deen, 2001-2002)

After the first Rave Master tries to destroy the creator of a set of dark stones that give their owners powerful magical abilities – the Dark Brings – a massive explosion destroys one-tenth of the world.

Fast forward fifty years later, and 16 year old Haru Glory lives a peaceful live on Garage Island with Cattleya, his older sister. That is until he fishes Plue, the first Rave Master’s guardian god, up. Shiba arrives, and after a group of Demon Card terrorists appear to kill Shiba, he tells Haru that he is the second Rave Master, entrusting him with his magical sword, Plue, and his last Rave to him.

Hary Glory must now collect all of the Rave Stones, and defeat Demon Card!

Similarity Match: 70%
Created by Hiro Mashima, the mind behind ‘Fairy Tail’, it’s easy to see similarities, especially between Haru Glory and Lucy Heartfilia, although they take with ‘Rave Master’ having a distinctly more ‘all or nothing’ vibe.


If You Like ‘Fairy Tail’, You Will Like…

We’ve stayed quite firmly in the region of Japanese anime for this article, but if you want to try something a bit more live action, but still a show like ‘Fairy Tail’, try :

‘Legend of the Seeker’ (ABC Studios, 2008-2010)

Based on the Sword of Truth series of novels by Terry Goodkind and produced by horror legend Sam Raimi, ‘Legend of the Seeker’ is an adventure show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It follows the journeys of a “Seeker of Truth” named Richard Cypher, and his band of travellers as they defend their realm.

Following a similar band of people, ‘Legend of the Seeker’ is slightly more grounded in reality but should still appeal to those who want a tv series like ‘Fairy Tail’.

‘Robin Hood’ (Tiger Aspect Productions, 2006-2009)

The Robin Hood legend is one of the oldest stories of a band of merry adventurers, and this BBC adaption of that legend does it justice, although it departs from more traditional portrayals by blending the historical with the modern in terms of clothing and language.

Dispensing with the fantasy elements familiar to fans of ‘Fairy Tail’ in favour of a more of a straight played historical approach the BBC adaption of ‘Robin Hood’ is nonetheless a solid show.


A Light Hearted Romp or Old School Scifi

“Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest, so let’s keep on going till the very end…”

Still want some adventure based shows to watch? Make sure to watch both ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ (find more great similar shows here) and ‘The Legend of Korra’ for a light hearted romp, or Sliders for an old school scifi adventure.

If you’re longing for some more critically acclaimed Japanese anime, then try the works of Studio Ghibli, such as ‘Princess Mononoke’ or ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’.

Think there’s a show that’d better fit this list? Or maybe there’s a relatively unknown show you can suggest?

Tell us in the comments below!

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