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5 Shows like Even Stevens: Disney Channel Sitcoms

samar2Before ‘Transformers’, Shia LaBeouf starred in this Disney sitcom about a mischievious seventh grader who loves nothing more than to tease his overachieving older sister, Ren, and get involved in schemes with best pal Alan. Let’s take a look at the best of live-action Disney channel sitcoms from the early 2000s in this article about TV shows like ‘Even Stevens’. ~ Samar N

Shows Similar To ‘Even Stevens’

This article recommends an underrated title, a must-see title, an unknown title, an ‘if you like, you will like’ title and an unexpected title so you have different options when it comes to choosing your next movie to watch.



‘The Proud Family’ (Disney, 2001 – 2005)

Penny Proud’s family gives dysfunctional a new meaning – her veterinarian mum has to support three kids, two in-laws, a dog and her overbearing husband Oscar, whose snack business, ‘Proud Snax’ seems always on the verge of failure.


Similarity Match

The Proud Family are a warm, dysfunctional bunch.



‘That’s So Raven’ (Disney, 2003 – 2007)

Raven is a teen with psychic powers and a sharp sense of style. She and her money-obsessed brother are always scheming and dreaming based on Raven’s predications, but often things go awry because she only sees part of the future, not the whole story.


Similarity Match

Raven is a psychic teen.



‘Kim Possible’ (Disney, 2002 – 2007)

Kim Possible is a tiny animated blonde cheerleader who fights evil villains in her spare time. She’s joined on her secret missions by Ron Stoppable, his pet Rufus, and a tech geek named Wade. But despite her secret spy alter-ego, she still has to go to highschool and deal with family, homework and boys just like a normal teenager.


Similarity Match

A cheerleader doubles as a superhero.



‘The Amanda Show’ (Nickelodeon, 1999 – 2002)

An unexpected choice because ‘The Amanda Show’ was for a show for tweens on Nickelodeon, not the Disney channel. Spun off of ‘All That’, the show features similar skits but with different characters – Amanda Bynes does a parody of ‘Judge Jugy’ called ‘Judge Trudy’ and plays her own #1 Fan, Penelope Taynt.


Similarity Match

A comedy skit from Nickelodeon,


If You Like ‘Even Stevens’, You Will Like

‘Lizzie McGuire’ (Disney, 2001 – 2004)

Hillary Duff’s claim to fame was her title role in Disney’s ‘Lizzie McGuire’, which was later developed into a sucessful film (‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’). The show is notable for its use of animated Lizzie, a live-action character who represents Lizzie’s inner thoughts, addressing the audience in the manner of a Greek chorus.

This is definitely my favourite series similar to ‘Even Stevens’.


Similarity Match

Lizzie MacGuire is a charming highschool girl whose inner thoughts are encapsulated in her live-action double.


Over to You

That was my list of TV series like ‘Even Stevens’. Can you think of any others?

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