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5 Shows like Eurotrash: The Best of Channel 4 Comedy

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‘Eurotrash’ was Channel 4’s longest running comedy show. It was based around comical reviews of the weird and unusual (and usually rather risque) from across the European continent.

Looking for TV shows like ‘Eurotrash’? We’ve composed a list of five of the best for you to check out. ~ Simon Hamilton

Shows Similar to ‘Eurotrash’

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‘Bo’ Selecta’ (Channel 4, 2002-2004)

This is an absolutely hilarious show which alternates between the deranged exploits of celebrity-stalking pervert Avid Merrion and sketches which make a complete mockery of a wide variety of celebrities.

Michael Jackson, Craig David, Marilyn Manson, Jordan and Gareth Gates (to name but a few) are all targeted for surreal and rather scathing ridicule.


Similarity Match

The show which demonstrated Leigh Francis to be a comedic genius, both as writer and performer. 



‘Peep Show’ (Channel 4, 2003-2015)

This is one of Channel 4’s most successful comedy series. It follows the lives of Mark and Jeremy, a pair of misfits who share a flat in Croydon. Mark is a socially awkward and rather dull fellow who works as a loans manager while Jeremy is an unemployed wannabe musician. Together, the fumble their way unsuccessfully through life.

What really makes this show stand out is the expert use of the first-person perspective and inner monologues. If you haven’t seen ‘Peep Show’, you really are missing out on of the funniest comedies of recent times.


Similarity Match

The story of two likable but rather ridiculous misfits. 



‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace’ (Channel 4, 2004)

This unknown gem from 2004 is an innovative spoof of various genres from the 1980s. Set in a Romford hospital beneath which a portal has been opened to the “”other side””, the staff are forced to do battle with forces of darkness – complete with a ridiculous script and hilariously cheesy production values.

It’s hard to quite put this series into words – suffice to say if you’re looking for an off-beat spoof comedy, you can’t find much better than this.


Similarity Match

A refreshing and surreal comedy. 



‘Father Ted’ (Channel 4, 1995-1998)

A lot of people have forgotten about ‘Father Ted’, but this was amongst Channel 4’s most popular comedies during the mid-to-late 1990s. Set on a small island off the Western coast of Ireland, it follows the story of three priests living together with their housekeeper.

Consistently funny and with memorable characters (Father Jack, the filthy and lewd alcoholic in particular), this is absolutely necessary viewing if you’re looking for a TV series like ‘Eurotrash’ or just seeking comedies in general.


Similarity Match

One of the best comedies to hit British TV during the 90s. 


If You Like ‘Eurotrash’, You Will Like

‘Da Ali G Show’ (Channel 4, 2002-2004)

Sacha Baron Cohen has gone on to great things since he came to prominence as “Ali G”, a wannabe gangsta from suburban London. If you’re looking for a series similar to ‘Eurotrash’, Baron Cohen’s early days on Channel 4 are certainly worth checking out.

Here, he dupes a variety of people including politicians and religious ministers into giving ridiculous interviews. Quite how so many of these people took him seriously is really quite beyond comprehension – but it makes for incredibly entertaining viewing.


Similarity Match

The show that deservedly brought Sacha Baron Cohen to the limelight. 


Over to You

There must be something wrong with your sense of humour if you can’t find plenty of amusement with these five of the best comedy shows to appear on Channel 4.

If you have your own favourites which didn’t make this list, ensure you add them below!

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