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6 Shows like Entourage: Rags to Riches Stories

Andy McKendry itcherThere are a number of great TV shows like ‘Entourage’ – I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourites, including ‘How to Make it in America’, ‘Hung’, and ‘Californication.’ ~ Andy Mckendry

Partying Hard in Hollywood

‘Entourage’ tells the story of the rise of fictional Hollywood A-lister, Vince, and his group of friends. A tale of schoolmates from Queens who make it big in Los Angeles, ‘Entourage’ is a glossy story and one filled with real world celebrities, fast cars, and sexy ladies.

It’s a glamorous story, one that definitely lacks substance, but it’s a lot of fun, too. The following list contains six shows similar to ‘Entourage’ and each one tells a rags to riches story.

‘How to Make it in America’ (HBO, 2010 – 2011)

The story of two 20-something pals from Brooklyn, ‘How to Make it in America’ follows their latest get rich scheme – a hip clothing brand.

The show was short-lived but contains a similar sort of good-looking cross-section of society like in ‘Entourage.’

Featuring an excellent intro with a great song choice, ‘How to Make it in America’ is a particularly glamorous vision of life in your twenties.

Similarity Match: 90%
Both ‘Entourage’ and ‘How to Make it in America’ are fixated on image; the characters’ aspirations are markedly similar, too.

‘Hung’ (HBO, 2009 – 2011)

Shortly after the recession hit, HBO released ‘Hung’, a story about a man who loses his job and finds that his only option is to flaunt his natural assets.

Thomas Jane stars as Ray Decker, a man forced into prostitution in order to pay for repairs to his house and look after his kids.

‘Hung’ is a comic show and it flips the perspective on the oldest trade in the world.

Similarity Match: 80%
‘Hung’ isn’t quite as glamorous as ‘Entourage’, but it tells a similar rags to riches tale.

‘Californication’ (Showtime, 2007 – 2014)

David Duchovny plays Hank Moody, an author who finds himself washed up in the middle of his life with little in the way of direction. His wife is with another man, he’s estranged from his young daughter, and he can’t help but drink, womanize, and party.

It’s just as comic a tale as the one found in ‘Entourage’, but it’s less about making it, and more about surviving the choices you’ve already made.

Sound good? Make sure to also have a look at these other shows like ‘Californication’.

Similarity Match: 75%
Darker than the glitz of ‘Entourage’, ‘Californication’ is just as interested in sex, drugs, and hedonism.

‘Silicon Valley’ (HBO, 2014 – )

Instead of Hollywood, living it up, and enjoying an opulent lifestyle, ‘Silicon Valley’ focuses on a group of entrepreneurs trying to crack the tech market. It’s a funny show and one that benefits from a great ensemble cast, too.

Created by Mike Judge (‘Office Space’, ‘King of the Hill’), ‘Silicon Valley’ has quickly become a fan favourite. Its tale of geeky aspiration is a welcome change to the gloss and superficiality in series like ‘Entourage.’

Similarity Match: 70%
Pretty much the same story but with decidedly different characters, ‘Silicon Valley’ provides a glimpse into a far geekier, and more innovative world than ‘Entourage.’

‘Extras’ (BBC/HBO, 2005 – 2007)

Starring Ricky Gervais, ‘Extras’ is a humorous tale laden with pathos and self-loathing. Gervais plays Andy Millman, an aspiring actor who can’t seem to land a leading role. His life is a constant battle to get even the smallest part and appear on the big screen.

Each episode contains a famous face who rubs success in Andy’s face. Perhaps the most heartbreaking encounter involves an embarrassing moment where David Bowie sings Andy a song titled, ‘Little Fat Man’.

Similarity Match: 65%
A decidedly British take on the ‘Entourage’ formula, ‘Extras’ is more realistic in its depiction of the hurdles, sacrifices, and hard work it takes to become famous.

‘Eastbound and Down’ (HBO, 2009 – 2013)

Danny McBride plays Kenny Powers, a foul-mouthed, drug abusing, down on his luck baseball star. Will Ferrell makes an appearance as a slimy car salesman and collectively, ‘Eastbound and Down’ is a comedic take on a graceless fall from the upper echelons of career sports.

McBride is excellent in the lead role and his simplistic perspective on life, muddled together with his drug taking, provides ample scope for humorous moments.

Similarity Match: 60%
Kenny Powers aspires for greatness but it’s unlikely that he’ll ever attain it – especially with his own self-help tapes as his only guide.


My Thoughts

I would recommend watching ‘How to Make it in America’. It’s a TV series like ‘Entourage’ that focuses on the glitz and glamour of monetary success. Both shows are often tasteless but they provide easy escapism, too.

Let me know what you think with a comment below.

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