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5 Shows like Empire: The World’s a Stage

Although many of the characters in ‘Empire’ would disagree, money isn’t everything and fame certainly does not bring you happiness. See what life is like when all the tinsel comes crashing down around you. If you are looking for more TV series like Empire, I recommend ‘Power’ for the gritty storylines and ‘Boss’ for another look on how a powerful person comes to terms with a terminal illness.

The Show Must Go On

Lucious is the founder of a very successful record label and life for him is very good. That is until he is diagnosed with a neurodegenerative, ALS, and he has to start to think about the future. He  is torn between which of his three sons to sign over his business too, something that becomes even more complicated when his ex-wife, Cookie, gets out of prison and stakes her claim.

‘Empire’ is packed full of scandal, romance, drama, family disputes and lots of inside music information. If you cannot wait to watch more TV shows like ‘Empire’, I recommend Scandal for the sheer amount of gossip involved and ‘Nashville’ if you love ‘Empire’ for the music storylines.

‘Power’ (CBS, 2014-)

James “Ghost” St. Patrick is the name on everyone’s lips amongst New York’s elite. St Patrick owns a night club but leads a double life as the kingpin in one of the biggest drug businesses in the city. James wants nothing more than to be a well-meaning businessman and family man, but he cannot help but to fall deeper into the criminal world.

Similarity Match: 95%
Both shows give a true to life insight into what life is like behind the glitz and glamour of the showbiz world. On the outside, Lucious and James are dripping in gold, but on the inside they are just as messed up as everybody else.

‘Boss’ (Lionsgate, 2011-2012)

Boss’ ran for just two seasons and was focused around its central character Mayor Tom Kane. Frasier’s Kelsey Grammar plays Kane. Like Underwood, Kane faces various battles to maintain his power, not least his very personal fight against his dementia.

The show does tug pull on your heartstrings, as we see Kane’s every increasing struggle with speech impediments and hallucinations, as a result of his illness. The demise in Kane’s mirrors the tumultuous world of local politics and the demonic actions people take, in order to remain at the top.

Similarity Match: 90%
Their jobs may be different, but Kane and Lucious share something far deeper; the struggle to come to terms with a life-changing illness.

‘Scandal’ (Shondaland, 2012-)

Another series like ‘Empire’ is ‘Scandal’. Olivia Pope is a former White House Communications Director, who decided that a career change is needed. Olivia starts her own crisis management firm and quickly begins to unravel the most scandalous of secrets. Each client who walks through her door has a more outrageous story than the last, making for great TV.

Similarity Match: 80%
Lucious could do with someone like Olivia on his books as she takes control of exactly the type of situations that he and his family find themselves in.

‘Black-ish’ (Wilmore Films, 2014-)

Despite looking happy on the outside, family man Dre Johnson is struggling to find a sense cultural identity in his predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighbourhood. Laurence Fishburne guest stars as Dre’s father who tries to help his son find peace in the lifestyle that he has chosen for himself and his wife and kids.

Similarity Match: 75%
Both shows are not afraid to touch upon controversial subjects, like homophobia and ethnic identity and both shows are a welcome celebration of diversity within TV.

‘Nashville’ (BBC, 1999-)

40 something country music superstar Rayna Jaymes is determined to keep her career alive, but her management see things differently. She is ordered to share a tour with starlet Juliette Barnes  tour or will be dropped from her label. The show opens up the Nashville music scene and reveals how much of a struggle it is for women to maintain a career in the music industry.

Similarity Match: 70%
‘Nashville’ is nowhere near as outrageous as ‘Empire’, but music fans will love how much it focuses on the singing just as much as the personal lives of the characters.


For Your next Big Hit

If you liked these suggestions, let us know if there are any shows similar to Empire fans will love.

I’d love to read about the music themed TV you recommend, add yours in the comments.

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