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5 Shows like Ducktales: Toon Disney Favourites

samar2These are the adventures of miserly billionaire, Scrooge McDuck, and his three grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Stay tune for more ‘Toon Disney’ shows!~ Samar N

Shows Similar to ‘Ducktales’

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‘Timon & Pumbaa’ (Disney, 1995 – 1999)

This silly spin-off of ‘The Lion King’ features Timon, a meerkat, and Pumbaa, a warthog, having a series of misadventures in the Sahara.


Similarity Match

A spin-off series based on the Lion King.



‘Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers’ (Disney, 1989 – 1990)

These adorable chipmunks lead a team of detectives, along with a fly named Zipper and two mice, Gadget Hackwrench and Monterey Jack, whose fatal flaw is his overpowering addiction to cheese.

Frequently, Chip and Dale (brothers) compete over the affections of Gadget, the pretty girl mouse in charge of technology and aviation for the crew.


Similarity Match

Chip 'n' Dale are private detectives.



‘Aladdin’ (Disney, 1994 – 1995)

By now, you’re starting to see the theme – Disney shows are often based on popular Disney movies.

Aladdin is now engaged to Princess Jasmine and he often takes her on Magic Carpet rides, fulfilling his promise of ‘I can show you the world’.

They’re not often left alone – monkey sidekick, Abu, the all-powerful Genie, and even the annoying parrot, Iago (formerly belonging to Jafar), usually tag along.


Similarity Match

Aladdin is still showing Jasmine the world.



‘Goof Troop’ (Disney, 1992 – 1993)

Modelled on 1950s Goofy cartoon shorts, Goof Troop stars Goofy as a father to a mischievous red-haired son named Max.

Living in Spoonerville, Goofy and Max are next door neighbours. The series similar to ‘Ducktales’ is particularly funny because of the relatable, though exaggerated, contrast between Max and his goofy dad, Goofy!


Similarity Match

Goofy and his son Max are opposites.


If You Like ‘Ducktales’, You Will Like

‘Darkwing Duck’ (Disney, 1991– 1995)

This follow-up to ‘Ducktales’ was inspired by the ‘The Masked Mallard’ episode in which Scrooge McDuck dons a mask, purple uniform and cape to become a vigilante superhero.

Darkwing Duck is a superhero character (à la Batman), who defends the people of St. Canard (a parody of Gotham City).


Similarity Match

A Toon Disney show that parodies the superhero/spy genre.


Over to You

Here’s my list of TV series like ‘Ducktales’ that you might enjoy. Thanks for reading!

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