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5 Shows like Doc Martin: Living the Good Life!

A grumpy London surgeon descends on a close knit community in rural Cornwall, when he takes over the local GP service. Residents from all walks of life visit the surgery, all trying to put a smile on the local doc’s face, but few succeeding. If you are looking for more TV shows like Doc Martin, Monroe is another British medical drama and Jonathan Creek is a classic British sitcom.

Grumpy Town

Dr. Martin Ellingham escapes the hustle and bustle of the city when he moves to the small Cornish town of Portwenn. Far from enjoying the friendly community spirit Dr Ellingham is as grumpy as they come and certainly does not have the bedside manner that the locals are accustomed to.

Giving up a high flying career as a London surgeon to move to a sleepy GP surgery is clearly a difficult transition for Martin. We soon realise the reason for his big move and, as he gets to know local school headmistress Louise Glaasson more, we see his cold exterior start to melt slightly.

If you cannot get enough British drama, other TV series like Doc Martin include the delightful Ballykissnagel and Stephen Fry’s, Kingdom.

‘Jonathan Creek’ (BBC, 1997-2014)

Jonathan Creek is a firm favourite in the hearts of UK television viewers. Creek is a talented magician, who creates tricks for Adam Klaus, rather than taking the limelight himself. Journalist Madeline Magellan stumbles upon Creek’s home, a renovated windmill, whilst investigating the death of a local artist.

Intrigued by Creek’s talents and mysterious ways, she soon persuades him to help her look into the murder and an unexpected detective team is formed. We see the pair investigate many crimes as the series progress, not always in the most conventional way.

Similarity Match: 90%
The central theme of Jonathan Creek is different to Doc Martin but they are both set in small town communities that are filled with eccentric characters with typically British hang-ups and senses of humour.

‘Reggie Perrin’ (Objective Productions, 2009-)

Reggie Perrin is the remake of the 1970’s show that starred Leonard Rossiter. The latest version sees Martin Clunes cast as Reggie, a man forever frustrated with life.

In this version we see Reggie head up a men’s body care business, but, despite its success, he is far from happy. Will Reggie ever do anything to help improve his situation, or will he continue to fix everyone else’s life rather than his own?

You will have to watch and see, with plenty of laughs along the way.

Similarity Match: 85%
Fans of Martin Clunes and his Doc Martin Character will love the bumbling character that he plays in Reggie Perrin. The series itself is more of a comedy than a drama, but Clunes is just as miserable.

‘Monroe’ (Mammoth Screen, 2011-)

Monroe is a british medical drama about neurosurgeon Gabriel Monroe played by James Nesbitt. Monroe is as cynical as they come and he has little empathy for anyone, just like you would expect from a doctor, hey?

Not to worry, when it comes to medical professionalism Monroe is at the top of his game, which allows him to bend the rules slightly. Whilst his career goes from strength to strength, his home life is falling apart as his wife leaves him, just as his son heads off to university, poor Monroe.

Similar to the US series House, Monroe lets viewers into the highs and lows of life in a busy hospital and the impact that has on personal lives.

Similarity Match: 80%
Both shows feature a grumpy doctor, with little in the way of bedside manners and plenty of personal drama to keep viewers on their toes. Good writing from both teams allows for a good mix of personal and professional storylines.

‘Kingdom’ (Parallel Film and TV Productions, 2007-2009)

Stephen fry takes a step away from comedy to star in the lead role of Kingdom. Fry stars as Peter Kingdom, a respected solicitor who serves his local community out in the country.

Home is a small Norfolk town, that is filled with eccentric characters, including Peter’s zany sister, Beatrice. We see Peter deal with personal struggles, including the sudden death of his half-brother, alongside supporting his community with all of their legal needs.

Similarity Match: 75%
Peter Kingdom is a much happier chap than Doc Martin, but he is equally as dependent on his community to support him in times of need. The show does not provide high drama, but offers lighthearted drama that you can enjoy with a nice cuppa.

‘Ballykissangel’ (BBC, 1996-2001)

Another series like Doc Martin is Ballykissangel, a series set in Dublin that tells the story of priest Peter Clifford.

Clifford moves to Dublin from Manchester and quickly has to settle in and make new friends. Dervla Kirwan plays the very bolshy Assumpta Fitzgerald, who does not care for religion and is not afraid to be outspoken.

Despite Clifford’s reservations, the unlikely pair become friends. The show has a great ensemble cast and is filled with the lighthearted comedy we would expect coming out of Ireland.

Similarity Match: 70%
If you empathise with Doc Martin being a stranger in a new town, you will certainly feel for Peter Clifford having to take on the might of the Irish. There are a lot more laughs in Ballykissangel, although serious subjects are covered too.


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I hope you liked my suggestions for shows similar to Doc Martin.

If you can think of another TV show that you’d like to recommend to Doc Martin fans, I’d love to read where I can get my next instalment of classic British TV in the comments below.

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