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5 Shows like Criminal Minds: Always One Step Ahead

When all else fails the FBI must bring in the specialist BAU team, who will track down the most violent criminals no matter what it takes and what controversy they stir up. If you want to play detective on another show, take a look at these TV series like ‘Criminal Minds’.

To Catch a Killer, You Need to Think Like a Killer

The Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) is a specialist section of the FBI who are called in to assist in catching unknown killers. The BAU agents use scientific social profiling in order to track down the most violent of criminals.

Controversy surrounds the team at every turn and the emotional trials that the team go through put a huge strain on their lives, meaning that there is just as much personal drama as there is crime drama. To put your detective skills to further use, I take a look at the best TV shows like ‘Criminal Minds’.

‘NCIS’ (Belisarius Productions, 2003-)

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s (NCIS) is a major response team headed up by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs is played by Mark Harman is a former marine and is as tough as they come when it comes to interrogating suspects who have committed crimes.

The show investigates controversial crimes and delves into the personal lives of Navy personnel and their families.

Similarity Match: 95%
Gibbs uses his gut instinct and superior interrogation skills to truly get inside the minds of the most dangerous criminals, just like the team in ‘Criminal Minds’.

‘Castle’ (Beacon Pictures, 2009-)

Richard Castle, known as Rick, is a mystery novelist who suddenly finds himself in the centre of a crime drama after a serial killer starts to mimic a character in one of his books. He kills off the character in the book and sets out to help the police track down the real life killer.

Rick is amazed to see just how helpful following the police is, for his writing, so asks to shadow NYPD detective Kate Beckett.

Similarity Match: 90%
Fans of ‘Criminal Minds’ may not like the lack of science in ‘Castle’, as the show can focus too much on the characters themselves at time, but those who prefer a balance between work and play will enjoy it.

‘Bones’ (Farfield Productions, 2005-)

Another series like ‘Criminal Minds’ is ‘Bones’. A forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent come together to solve some of the most complicated crimes. Dr. Temperence Brennan plays the socially awkward anthropologist who struggles to get along both personally and professionally with cocky FBI agent Seeley Booth.

The show features some intriguing story lines and it is fun to see the unlikely crime-fighting duo having to put their personal differences aside for the greater good.

Similarity Match: 80%
‘Bones’ goes into a lot more forensic detail than Criminal Minds, which will delight those who enjoy following the gory details of criminal cases.

‘The Mentalist’ (Primrose Hill Productions, 2008-2015)

The CBI are hunting down ‘Red John’, a serial killer who murdered the wife and daughter of Patrick Jane. Patrick Jane is a psychic, and after the double murder he sets out to devote his life to tracking down the killer by stating that he is a fraud to shut down his career.

His talents are not gone for good though. In reality, Jane has honed his mentalist skills after years as a psychic. Now he is able to put those abilities to action, when a senior agent on the case asks him to join the investigative team.

Similarity Match: 75%
‘The Mentalist’ does go into some forensic detail but not as much as Criminal Minds. The show focuses on cracking crimes in a much more emotive way, as you would expect from a man who has just lost his wife.

‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ (CBS, 2000-2005)

CSI follows the gritty cases that an elite team of police forensic investigators have to work to solve in Las Vegas. Just when you think that a case could not be any more shocking, ‘Sin City’ lives up to its name and hits the team with an even worse case to solve.

D.B. Russel heads up the team and must help support them on a personal as well as a professional level.

Similarity Match: 70%
‘CSI’ and ‘Criminal Minds’ are very similar shows, but CSI can lack depth when it comes to getting into the minds of criminals as it is too busy focusing on personal matters.


It Would Be Criminal Not To

Did you find enough drama to make these shows similar to ‘Criminal Minds’, or are you looking for another detective thrill?
If there is another crime-solving series you recommend to ‘Criminal Minds’ fans, tell me in the comments below.
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