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5 Shows like Chuck: So Geeking Good

Sometimes even the strangest of people end up ruling the country, but none more strange than Chuck, who finds himself leading a double life after he uncovers government secrets. If you are looking for other TV shows like Chuck, White Collar tells the story of another unusual undercover coupling and Nikita gives insight into the dark world spies must live in.

No More Mr Nice Spy

Computer nerd Chuck inadvertently becomes a top secret agent, who the CIA and NSA call upon for support. Chuck stumbles upon top secret government files, that are mentally ingrained in him, therefore he cannot rid himself of what he has seen.

Chuck must act as a spy, whilst disguising his new position from his friends and family, which is not always that easy. Despite the heavy premise of the show, there are lots of laughs as we see Chuck deal with cases in the most unorthodox manner. If you are missing the ladies, we take a look at TV series like Chuck.

‘Psych’ (GEP, 2006-2014)

Shawn Spencer believes that he has psychic skills and takes it upon himself to act as a novice sleuth.

Spencer hits the big time when he is hired by the police after he cons them into thinking he has psychic abilities which could help solve crimes. He draws in help from his best friend Gus, who reluctantly takes on a series of complex cases to help his friend out.

Similarity Match: 90%
The premise of Psych is very similar to Chuck and there are just as many jokes planted in each episode. Both shows are so unbelievable, but they offer perfect escape TV.

‘White Collar’ (Jeff Eastin & Warrior George Productions, 2009–2014)

Con artist Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke team up together to solve white collar crime in New York. Fraudster Caffrey has no choice but to help Burke, with the only other option being a long jail sentence.

On the condition that he wears an ankle monitor, Caffrey uses his expert skills to solve high profile crimes as part of the most unlikeliest of crime solving duos. The relationship between the pair is strained at times, but they soon find a way to get the most out of one and other.

Similarity Match: 85%
White Collar follows a slightly similar storyline, although there are no secrets to be had as Neal is not a spy and humour is black rather than laugh out loud.

‘Intelligence’ (Michael Seitzman’s Pictures, 2014-)

Another series like Chuck is Intelligence. Intelligence is a drama centred on a high-tech intelligence operative who is fitted with a computer microchip in his brain. Lost’s Josh Holloway plays the intelligence operative, Gabriel, who is supported by the director of the elite government cyber-security agency.

Gabriel is able to do things that nobody else in the agency can, so he is always in high demand and can always get one over on his colleagues.

Similarity Match: 80%
Intelligence is not a comedic tale, but it does have similar storylines to Chuck on a more serious level. I was hooked after just two episodes and I think you will be too.

‘Nikita’ (Sesfonstein Productions, 2010-2013)

When her life spirals out of control, teenager Nikita finds herself on death row with no chance of an escape. That is until a secret US agency offers to fake her execution and create a new life for her in a different country.

The agency did not tell her that she was about to be trained as a spy and an assassin, but she there is not much that she could do about that since thigh they saved her life.

Similarity Match: 75%
Nikita tells a more serious tale of living a secret life and there is no room for Chuck like jokes, but you will love this story if spy drama appeals to you.

‘My Own Worst Enemy’ (UMS, 2008-)

Henry Spivey has two personalities, the one has a normal suburban life and the other one is a lethal operative. Henry must leave his wife and dog behind as he goes off to work as his alter ego Edward Albright.

Edward is a lethal multilingual operative who thinks nothing of hurting others, which is a far cry from his life as a doting husband.

Similarity Match: 70%
My Own Worst Enemy shows the extremes of living a double life, in a much more violent and dramatic way than Chuck.


What Next?

I hope you enjoy these recommendations of shows similar to Chuck.

If there is a TV show that you’d like to recommend to Chuck fans, add your best comedy drama suggestions in the comments below.

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