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6 Shows like C.S.I.: Modern Murder Mystery

Crime dramas are pretty much the face of 21st century television. We’ve all become a little obsessed with the forensics behind a murder case. This modern twist on the classic whodunit is perhaps best known in TV shows like ‘C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation’. Grissom, Nick, Sara, and the rest of the team use their specialist equipment, forensic skills, and sleuthing techniques to capture the killer at the end of each episode.

All Tied Up

TV series like ‘C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation’ appeal to the logical part of us that doesn’t like to see loose ends go awry. From simple murders of passion, to kidnappings and psychopathic serial killings, ‘C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation’ has everything your puzzling mind wants and needs. This article explores some of the reasons why CSI is so addictive for us viewers.  

But there are a whole host of other crime dramas out there, each with their own unique take on the crime drama trope which you’re sure to love if ‘C.S.I. : Crime Scene Investigation’ gets your detective fancies tingling.


Shows Similar to ‘C.S.I. : Crime Scene Investigation’…

‘NCIS’ (CBS, 2003–Present)

Just like ‘C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation’, NCIS uses forensic evidence as a key to solve crimes. However, rather than just everyday murders, the team at NCIS investigate politically-charged incidents relating to the navy.

Never short of an intense shoot-out or dramatic bomb unplugging, each season is guaranteed to rock you to the edge of your seat and pull on your heart strings just a little.

From hard-nut Gibbs, to goth Abby, to promiscuous DiNozzo, to geeky McGee, to sassy Ziva, to adorable Ducky, the whole team will have you falling in love with the show more and more each episode.

Similarity Match: 90%
With a bubbly team that almost become family and an astonishing case success rate, these shows have far more in common than their acronym titles. However, ‘NCIS’’s bad guys are far more likely to be organised terrorist groups than sadists prowling the streets of Las Vegas.

‘Castle’ (ABC, 2009–Present)

Richard Castle, famous novelist, uses his connections with the mayor of New York to earn a place on the homicide team at the NYPD. His role? A writer who follows the team around.

He’s doing research for his latest crime fiction novel, ‘Nikki Heat’, and needs a great deal of inspiration as well as an intriguing muse. However, Castle doesn’t quite realise that he’s dived into the very deep end when he meets Detective Kate Beckett. 

Feisty, sexy and just a little scary, Beckett creates a whole load of tension in Castle’s life that he could never have anticipated.

Similarity Match: 80%
Grissom and his team have a whole host of specialities and this is seen in ‘Castle’, too. However, ‘Castle’ has its added fiction author who loves to take wild (and unlikely) views of things.

‘Hawaii Five-0’ (CBS, 2010–Present)

This remake of the original ‘70s hit TV series will have lovers of shows like ‘C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation’ filled with suspense at the terrible crimes McGarrett and his team deal with on these beautiful islands.

Feuding with WoFat and his gangsters is the main aim of the 5-0 team and viewers will get utterly swept up in chasing this villain alongside all of the other nasties Hawaii has to offer. Plus, if the pro-crime-fighting isn’t enough to get you excited, there are always the paradisiacal sets and stunning surf scenes.

Similarity Match: 75%
Both ‘C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0’ have amazing forensic teams doing all of the dirty work behind the scenes to solve crimes. However, ‘C.S.I.’ focuses far more on actual murders, whereas the team on ‘Hawaii Five-0’ tackles all kinds of specialist crime activity.

‘Dexter’ (Showtime, 2006-2013)

The term ‘psychopath’ is thrown around a little too frequently these days. But when Dexter Morgan enters the frame, no other word does him justice.

Dexter is by day a forensic analyst for the Miami Police Department, and by night a forensic expert in the art of murder. Teamed up with his detective sister and the rest of the department, all of whom see him as a loveable but socially awkward lab geek, he uses his obsession with blood to catch killers.

And if the justice system can’t get them, rest assured that Dexter will find a way to give them what they deserve. This six season hit is perfect for fans of shows like ‘NCIS’ and ‘C.S.I.’, which deal with the gory topic of murder in their own unique way. This article explores why we just can’t get enough of this guy.

Similarity Match: 70%
Dexter loves to catch the bad guys using his top-notch forensic analyst skills, just like the team on ‘C.S.I.’. However, he also enjoys taking vengeance into his own hands.


If You Like ‘C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation’, You Will Like…

Let’s face it: all of the above cop drama series’ are perfect for fans of TV shows like ‘C.S.I.’. Now, however, I’m going to take you on a journey towards slightly different shows which give you similar action to ‘C.S.I.’, but take you to another universe in terms of setting.

We move from the big city to the small village and from the morgue to the hospital bed. But what we do not lose is the intensity of the drama and problem solving that are prevalent in each and every one of ‘C.S.I.’s episodes.

‘Midsomer Murders’ (ITV, 1997–Present)

Despite seeming like a haven of English countryside, the fictional county of Midsomer really isn’t an idyllic place to live at all.

Full of scandal and intrigue, the villages that make up Midsomer succumb to more than their fair share of murders. But, never fear, Detective Barnaby and his assistant will be there to save the day. Without a high-tech, advanced forensic team on his side, Barnaby relies heavily on the traditional detective methods: clues, witness interviews, and his gut instinct.

Each hour-long episode will keep you gripped until the killer is revealed in spectacular fashion at the end of the show.

Barnaby’s and ‘C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation’’s Grissom’s means of murder solving may vary massively, but they both always achieve the results we want to see: justice delivered to a perp!

‘House’ (FOX, 2004–2012)

Dr Gregory House and his team are the doctors who deal with the impossible cases at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House’s charm and eccentric nature make him a truly irresistible character.

Despite seeming overly harsh and often willing to put his patients at risk for his gain, we all know he has a heart of gold hidden somewhere. From obscure genetic conditions, to environmental disease, to severe allergic reactions, it is up to House and the gang to correctly determine why the patient is ill and how to treat them effectively.

Although ‘House’ doesn’t deal with murders, the team must use their wiles to solve problems just like the crime fighting team on ‘C.S.I.’.


Say Goodbye to Our Crime-Busting Stars!

It’s that time again – time to solve your own mystery and choose a TV show that you can’t help but get hooked on. From manipulative Dexter, to all-round good guy McGarrett, the sleuthing main characters of these shows will ensure you keep coming back for more.

So, if you want a little more thrill and suspense in your life (or just want to know how to commit the perfect crime), then catch up on some of these and let us know what you think!

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