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5 Shows like Brickleberry: A Gross Collection of Images

James Thomas itcherThe animation revolution started with the ‘The Simpsons’ way back in the 90’s as viewers learned that cartoons were good for something other than extorting parents into expensive vacations to the homes of rodents bent on world domination (I’m looking at you Mickey). After Homer and his family became popular people saw the potential of animation, and now we have TV shows like ‘Brickleberry’ to warp our collective sense of decency. If you want to gorge on strange NSFW comedies check out shows like ‘South Park’, ‘Family Guy’, and the warped ‘Ugly Americans’. ~ James Thomas

A Park to Remember

‘Brickleberry’ is equal parts summer camp sex comedy, bigoted sight gags, and gross out humor all supported by a cuddly little bear cub.

Created by the horridly clever comedian Daniel Tosh, ‘Brickleberry’ is set in a national park that is better described as a slaughter house with trees, for all the animals the rangers directly or indirectly murder.

Each of the characters plays a part in this eco-genocide. There is the main character Steve who is dangerously idiotic, and at one point burns down half the forest to find his car keys.

Then there is Woody Johnson, a man with the vaguely euphemistic name and war crimes in his past, and who has more animals mounted in his home then there are in the park.


Shows Similar to ‘Brickleberry’…

‘South Park’ (Comedy Central, 1997- )

‘South Park’ is the show that has changed the way people look at animation and for that matter satire.

No one is safe and all must be mocked. The show is dominated by a chubby sociopath named Eric Cartman. Eric has the sort of egomaniacal murderous inner thoughts that would make Charlie Manson look like Mr. Rodgers.

The thing that makes the ‘South Park’ and the town it’s named for so special is that it attracts media personalities like liquor attracts college freshmen and insurance salesmen.

Because of this every episode is essentially pulled from the headlines and prescient to the times making the show seem as smart as it is raw.

Similarity Match: 95%
‘South Park’ can get just as gross as TV shows like ‘Brickleberry’. However, it tends to be more topical and have a general moral consideration for the subject matter it covers.

‘Family Guy’ (Fox, 1999- )

‘Family Guy’ is an animated show that has done its best to earn the stamp of adult animation and prove that the best way to make friends is to mock them relentlessly.

Similar to shows like ‘Brickleberry’, ‘Family Guy’ pulls no punches and like ‘South Park’ for some reason the little town of Quahog attracts a strangely high number of famous people.

Of course the brilliance of the show is found in several places including: Seth McFarlane’s voice acting, the ubiquitous use of the cutaway gags, and stand out characters that are written with more intellect and pathos than say characters in a show like ‘Brickleberry’.

Really when it comes to writing alone Brian Griffin, the Griffin family dog, is a bit more charming than Malloy the malicious bear cub.

Similarity Match: 90%
‘Family Guy’ makes the same sort of controversial jokes you would expect from shows like ‘Brickleberry’, but this show is an homage to and parody of shows like ‘All in the Family’, with a kind-hearted wife and a simple-minded husband.

‘Ugly Americans’ (Comedy Central, 2010-2012)

Imagine a world where monsters were real, now imagine having to stand in line next to a blood mage at the DMV to get your driver’s license and that the only people working at the DMV are demons because all DMV’s in the world are literally hell.

In the world of ‘Ugly Americans’ we follow one of the few humans left, Mark Lily as he navigates a life where his girlfriend is half demon, her boss is literally the Devil, and his roommate is a zombie.

Mark works at the Department of Integration as a social worker where he helps introduce the monsters that have flooded the world into “human” society.

Similarity Match: 85%
‘Ugly Americans’ has the same no holds barred sense of humor conveyed through animation as shows similar to ‘Brickleberry’ but rather than park rangers it focuses on demons, zombies, werewolves and slackers.


If You Like ‘Brickleberry’, You Will Like…

Here are a couple of shows that have some of the same qualities of ‘Brickleberry’; one that has the same sense of humor but isn’t animated and another that is all animation but without the touch of Daniel Tosh or a linear storyline.

‘Tosh.0’ (Comedy Central, 2009- )

As the mind behind ‘Brickleberry’ you can imagine what a crap cluster Daniel Tosh’s thoughts might be.

Now imagine that the only things in his head are a collection of internet fail videos and a litany of vaguely racist, sexist, and misogynistic jokes.

In ‘Tosh.0’ he basically insults every demographic under the sun by going through the internet and picking apart how the human race manages to embarrass itself.

‘Tosh.0’ explains why the comedy of shows like ‘Brickleberry’ is so raw.

‘Tosh.0’ is the brain child of ‘Brickleberry’ creator Daniel Tosh, however, it’s not animated and deals more with the internet than national parks and crazed grizzly bear cubs.

‘Trip Tank’ (Comedy Central, 2014- )

‘Trip Tank’ is a show like ‘Brickleberry’ born from the ramblings of drunken comedians, strung into hilarious and offensive clips of animation.

‘Trip Tank’ seems to be the place where Comedy Central’s most popular comedians go to push the envelope and see how close they can come to having the FCC send armed drones to circle their houses.

One of the best things about the show is the presence of top comedians like Zach Galifianakis, Wayne Brady, and Bob Odenkirk.

‘Trip Tank’ has the same raunchy style of TV series like ‘Brickleberry’. However, it is a loose collection of cartoons that are made by different creators, much like the shorts shown at the Sick and Twisted Animation Festival.


Cartoons for Grownups (and Not so Grownups)

Series similar to ‘Brickleberry’ push the limit of what is tolerable for American censors, by utilizing the power of animation.

How far do you think animators can push the margin of acceptability?

Let us know in the comments down below.

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