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5 Shows like Better Call Saul: I Fought the Law

Josh‘Better Call Saul’ is the prequel to the groundbreakingly awesome ‘Breaking Bad’.

Instead of Walter White, this show centers around the origins of sleazy but loveable lawyer, Saul Goodman. Before his flashy cars and wacky advertisements, Saul was known as Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer living in the shadow of his brother.

Much like the show did with ‘Breaking Bad’, Jimmy steps out of his brother’s shadow, proving he can take on the law himself with a little bit of playing dirty along the way. For more law based shows like ‘Better Call Saul’, check out my recommendations. ~ Josh Sammons

Shows Similar to ‘Better Call Saul’

This article recommends an underrated title, a must-see title, an unknown title, an ‘if you like, you will like’ title and an unexpected title so you have different options when it comes to choosing your next movie to watch.



‘The Defenders’ (CBS, 2010 – 2011 )

First up, we have ‘The Defenders’, a law-based show starring James Belushi and Jerry O’Connell. The two actors play attorneys living the flashy in Las Vegas, who fight crime whilst trying to juggle their own personal lives.

‘The Defenders’ is loosely based on the lives of real-life lawyers Michael Cristalli and Marc Saggese.


Similarity Match

Defenders against crime.



‘Boston Legal’ (ABC, 2004 – 2008)

‘Boston Legal’ is the highly successful spin-off of long running series, ‘The Practice’.

James Spader and the legend himself, William Shatner, take the lead in the successful law-based dramedy following the life and work of former ‘The Practice’ character, Alan Shore (Spader).


Similarity Match

A stylish and fun look at the legal system.



‘The Practice’ (ABC, 1997-2004)

‘The Practice’ is the long-running television series that spawned the successful spin-off, ‘Boston Legal’.

In the show, the lives of defence attorneys at a Boston law firm are put to screen. The long-winded show followed their stories as they went on to tackle cases ranging from civil cases to high-risk criminal cases, as well as looking into their lives outside the firm.


Similarity Match

A long-running law-based series.



‘Ally McBeal’ (FOX, 1997 – 2002)

I know – not many people would associate ‘Ally McBeal’ with ‘Better Call Saul’. The show stars Calista Flockhart as a young attorney who joins an established law firm.

Over the five seasons, the character has to deal with heartache and learning to grow in a male-dominated industry. The series won’t be to everyone’s liking, but among its fans, it is still a hugely popular comedy.


Similarity Match

A young attorney must battle the law and love.


If You Like ‘Better Call Saul’, You Will Like

‘Shark’ (CBS, 2006-2008)

For a series like ‘Better Call Saul’, look no further than ‘Shark’.

Starring James Woods, this series explores the exploits of high-flying lawyer, Sebastian Stark. Stark leaves the life of luxury in L.A. to start up his own team of young lawyers who work with him to battle criminals.

‘Shark’ showcases the talents Wood’s talent as he thrives in the role.


Similarity Match

Beware the shark.


Tell Us What You Think

This is my list of shows like ‘Better Call Saul’. Let me know whether you agree with my list.

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