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6 Shows like Be Here Nowish: Exploring Female Sexuality

‘Be Here Nowish’ is a recent, revolutionary addition to the web series world. Tackling – with a great deal of humour – issues some modern women face, such as tantric sex, couples colonics and lesbian threesomes, the show is a must-see for all millennials. If you’re looking for TV shows like ‘Be Here Nowish’, try ‘Girls’, ‘Sex and The City’, or the ‘The Girl’s Guide to Depravity’.

Seeking Spiritual Awakening

Nina and Sam, two sexually progressive New Yorkers, take off for LA in search of spiritual awakening in a sect-like yoga retreat. The producers, writers, directors and actresses Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo approach dating, trending health, and queer themes in a sincere and unapologetic way that will leave you hysterical at the end of each episode.

Here are some series similar to the Guardian-acclaimed ‘Be Here Nowish’.


Shows Similar to ‘Be Here Nowish’…

‘Girls’ (HBO, 2012)

You probably don’t need an introduction to ‘Girls’ or Lena Dunham. Set in New York, the show delves into the daily lives of four young women, exploring issues such as female sexuality, job stability, and other twists and turns we face in our daily lives.

‘Girls’ is probably what Nina and Sam’s lives were before the appeal of crystals and Ayahuasca took them to LA.

Similarity Match: 90%
‘Girls’ packs just as much humour, sincerity and controversial sex as ‘Be Here Nowish’, but with a typical New York twist.

‘Sex and The City’ (HBO, 1998-2004)

‘Sex and The City’ is the show that paved the way for positive representations of female sexuality on TV.

If Carrie and Samantha were in their twenties in 2016, they would probably succumb to all the strange and hilarious trends Nina and Sam explore.

Have a look at this article if you want to watch some great shows like ‘Sex and The City’.

Similarity Match: 80%
Sexual taboos, female empowerment and a great sense of humour were already present almost twenty years ago in the first season of ‘Sex and The City’.

‘The Girl’s Guide to Depravity’ (Cinemax, 2012)

‘The Girl’s Guide to Depravity’ is a mix of ‘Be Here Nowish’ and ‘Sex and The City’.

It’s about two successful young women, Lizzie and Samantha, having fun while avoiding being hurt by men. In order to do so, they follow a list of rules.

This series is hilarious and resolutely modern.

Similarity Match: 70%
Sam and Lizzie lead slightly more glamorous lives than Sam and Nina, but the four of them would definitely find common ground when it comes to their approach to their sex lives.

‘The Mindy Project’ (FOX, 2012)

Mindy Lahiri is a New York-based OB/GYN obsessed with pop culture, fashion and finding love. The show not only shines a light on a successful woman of colour, but on a confident woman comfortable in her own body.

Unapologetically exploring her sexuality, Mindy is a great role model for women of any age, colour or size.  

Similarity Match: 70%
Mindy might never want to go as far as couples colonics, but she never shies away from saying loud and clear what she likes and what she doesn’t.


If You Like ‘Be Here Nowish’, You Will Like…

If you’re looking for more TV series like ‘Be Here Nowish’, portraying romantic and sexual relationships through a female gaze, check out the following.

With very different focus points, such as the LGBT community and sex work, ‘The L Word’ and ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ offer  interesting insights into female sexuality.

‘The L Word’ (Showtime, 2004-2009)

The critically acclaimed ‘The L Word’ followed the daily lives and love stories of a group of lesbian women in LA.

Even though it did receive its fair share of criticism, it was a crucial step for LGBT representation on TV.

One of the first shows to fully focus on gay women and the problems they encounter on a daily basis, ‘The L World’ also remains to this day one of the sexiest shows on TV.

‘Secret Diary Of A Call Girl’ (ITV2, 2007-2011)

‘Secret Diary Of A Call Girl’ follows the adventures of Hannah Baxter, a high-class call girl in London.

Praised and criticised for its portrayal of both female sexuality and prostitution, the show remains a must-watch if you’re looking for an alternative perspective.

Even though Hannah gets paid for it, she also does really enjoy her job. And we need more women on screen fully savouring their experiences, in every sense of the term.


Showing Women Through Women’s Eyes

More and more shows focus on empowering women; ‘Be Here Nowish’ is an outstanding example of modern women exploring their own desires with a lot of humour.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think should be on the list in comments below.

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