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6 Shows like Ash vs Evil Dead: They’re Here!

Will Howell-Cornes itcher‘Ash versus Evil Dead’ premiered on Hallowe’en 2015 and recaptured all of the elements we loved from the film series. Back in the early 80’s Sam Raimi’s blend of horror and comedy was fresh but now, just like bitten humans transform to zombies and vamps, horror­-comedy has transformed from silver to small screen. As we take a peek at some TV shows like ‘Ash v Evil Dead’, we’ll be checking out a few more film-­turned-­TV show franchises like ‘Scream’ and ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ plus one or two more that may not yet have bitten you like ‘Z Nation’ and ‘In the Flesh’. ~Will Howell-Cornes

Dead by Dawn

I can’t be the only one at dinner parties to call myself Buffet the Vampire Slayer while staking mini sausages, cubes of cheese and pineapple with cocktails sticks, can I? Ah… Ok, just me then. Right , back to TV series like ‘Ash v Evil Dead’…

As I write this, only the pilot episode of ‘Ash v Evil Dead’ was available, but believe me ­ it is a real treat. Actor Bruce Campbell still has the perfect mix of comedic hero and director Sam Raimi still has all the dutch angles, crash zooms and equipping montages you could shake a sharpened stake at.

The possessed are just as manically evil and The Evil ­ the ‘presence’ we only ever see in point of view shots hurtling through the forest is just as ominous. Add in a couple of young sidekicks, up the prosthetics to CGI and we’re up and running…


Shows Similar to ‘Ash v Evil Dead’…

‘Z Nation’ (Syfy, 2014)

Years after a World War Z-­like zombie apocalypse has devastated America, this much more military-­based show is the story of Murphy, the one man who could hold the cure to the zombie plague.

Similarity Match: 75%
Nothing is in AvED’s league but with nuclear bombs exploding and less-­than stellar acting, ZN inhabits just as unrealistic a world. That said, it is nonetheless a fun blend of comedy-­horror.

‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ – The Series (El Rey Network, 2014)

This prequel / sequel / reboot to Robert Rodriguez’ 1996 film again follows notorious criminal brothers Seth and Richie Gecko. The traditional vampires are gone, replaced by snake-­like MesoAmerican bloodsuckers. I haven’t seen season 2 yet but season 1 is surprisingly well made and watchable, if a little corny.

Similarity Match: 75%
Played much less for laughs and more for The Gecko brother’s violent criminality but the gore comes thick and fast, and Richie gets some great comedy one­liners, just like AvED.

‘iZombie’ (The CW, 2015)

When medical student Liv Moore is turned into a zombie at a party, she hatches a plan to work at the coroner’s office, knowing she can snack on the cadavers.

Similarity Match: 75%
Less heroic than AvED, this is more of a comedy police
procedural and Rose McIver gives ‘I Zombie’ a fun and new approach to the undead.

‘In the Flesh’ (BBC, 2013)

Set four years after a zombie apocalypse in Northern England, ‘In the Flesh’ is the story of undead Kieren Walker and his efforts to reintegrate into society. Not as easy as it sounds after catching Partially Deceased Syndrome and eating a bunch of people!

Similarity Match: 65%
The undead here are not the evil flesh­eaters of AvED, but this comedic look at intolerance and racism is a fresh take on the zombie theme.


If You Like ‘Ash v Evil Dead’, You Will Like…

So those bad boys should keep you awake at night for the foreseeable future. What do they all have in common? Monsters. But horror producers know where the real demons reside…

That’s right ­ inside teenagers ­ they can be so cruel, can’t they? Particularly in bullying high-
school and fraternities. So here are two more TV series similar to ‘Ash v Evil Dead’ for Generation Z.

‘Scream’ (MTV, 2015)

When cyber-­bullying leads to a brutal school murder, it stirs memories of the original killing spree at Lakewood school almost twenty years ago.

No zombies or vampires on campus (vampus?) but all of late, great Wes Craven’s and Kevin Williamson’s self-­referential, winking post-­modernity is there -­ updated for the Instagram generation.

‘Scream Queens’ (FOX, 2015)

Almost exactly twenty years after a mysterious murder at Wallace University, another homicide occurs meaning anyone could be the next victim in this Horror / comedy / who-dunnit. Sounding eerily similar to the above entry; this show is ‘Scream’ meets ‘Carrie’ for the sorority girl generation.

Again, no zombies present but a Raimi-­esque sense of macabre comedy (e.g. death by lawnmower) is plain for all to see.


Do You Like Scary Movies?

Sorry -­ I meant to say “Do you like scary TV shows?” Well, if you’ve made it this far, I guess you must… I hope you enjoy checking out some of these fine shows -­ try not to have nightmares.

You can leave your comments below…

Will Howell-Cornes is a writer, photographer and TV editor. He’s been trying to write three TV shows for a while now, which he hopes will be like ‘Lost’ ‘Hannibal’ and ‘The Leftovers’. He used to be a stand-up comedian but stopped being funny around July 2012.
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