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6 Shows like Ancient Aliens: Paranormal Investigations

Adam Pothitos itcherWhether you believe in them or not, paranormal investigations are a highly entertaining topic for a television series. TV shows like ‘Ancient Aliens’, ‘Sightings’, and ‘UFO Hunters’ might make you think twice about the world or they may simply entertain you for a couple of hours. ~ Adam Pothitos

The Ancient Alien Astronauts Theory

It is no secret that Giorgio Tsoukalos, the host of Ancient Aliens, is a prominent believer in the theory of ancient alien astronauts. His colorful demeanor, combined with a fierce belief in the existence of such beings, has turned Tsoukalos into a popular Internet meme.

Still, his theories are widely circulated and there are large numbers of followers who, at the very least, believe that Tsoukalos has something different to offer.


Shows Similar to ‘Ancient Aliens’…

‘Quest for the Lost Civilization’ (Channel 4, 1998)

This mini-series follows Graham Hancock as he explores several ancient civilizations and monuments, such as Easter Island, the pyramids of Egypt, and the submerged Yonaguni monument.

Hancock is an author who’s written quite a few books on the subject of ancient civilizations. More specifically, Hancock believes that there are a lot of things we can learn from them. This TV show discusses several of his theories, which aim to make viewers rethink human history.

Similarity Match: 95%
Though ‘Quests for the Lost Civilization’ only has five episodes, Tsoukalos and Hancock have very similar beliefs and ideals. Moreover, this show is more about explaining the ancient aliens theory than focusing on individual cases.

‘UFO Hunters’ (History, 2008-2009)

Another History production, ‘UFO Hunters’ aims to investigate reports of extraterrestrial phenomena. The show looks at UFOs, USOs, and all kinds of other reports on extraterrestrial life. The series makes use of interviews, incident reports, photographs, videos, and a range of other media.

Bill Birnes, the host of the show, is joined by a different team of experts in each season. The team investigates modern reports along with well-established incidents in the UFO community, such as the Roswell crash.

Similarity Match: 85%
Unlike ‘Ancient Aliens’, ‘UFO Hunters’ focuses on active investigations and eyewitness reports instead of discussing theories. Both shows do deal with alien visitors and their overall tone is quite similar.

‘In Search Of…’ (Syndicated, 1977-1982 and Sci-Fi Channel, 2002)

Though ‘In Search Of’ is not explicitly interested in ancient aliens, a fair number of episodes were dedicated to similar theories. Over the course of its history, the show covered a wide range of topics, from ancient alien visitors to monsters and other supernatural phenomena.

While the original show was hosted by Leonard Nimoy, Mitch Pileggi of ‘X-Files’ fame also hosted a short-lived revival during 2002. Unlike many modern series, ‘In Search Of’ never attempted to claim  its theories to be real. Instead, the show merely discussed possible explanations through a variety of entertaining reenactments.

Similarity Match: 80%
Anyone interested in the mysteries of our world should enjoy the show, especially since Leonard Nimoy narrates the majority of it. In contrast to ‘Ancient Aliens’, though, this show covers a wider range of supernatural phenomena.

‘Sightings’ (Fox, 1991-1993)

A show with a very colorful history, ‘Sightings’ was a 30-minute show during its original run but it was expanded to an hour-long show after going into syndication in 1994. Reporter Tim White presented various reports in an investigative news format, which made the show an instant hit.

Again, this is a show that looked at various incidents and mysteries instead of focusing on ancient aliens. However, each case is presented in a very interesting and engaging way, which makes ‘Sightings’ one of the most entertaining shows of its kind.

Similarity Match: 75%
The format and aesthetics of ‘Sightings’ are very similar to ‘Ancient Aliens’. This show does focus on a lot more incidents, including ones that have nothing to do with the ancient aliens theory.

‘Decoded’ (History, 2010-2012)

Author Brad Meltzer is a well-known figure in the community of paranormal and extraterrestrial investigations. To be more precise, Meltzer is heavily invested in symbolism, which is allegedly prominent in ancient items and figures, such as the pyramids.

In contrast to similar series, ‘Decoded’ is not at all concerned with aliens of any kind. Instead, it discusses several human events with mysterious and unexplained characteristics.

Similarity Match: 70%
The hosts of the two shows are very similar in their personalities but quite different in their theories. ‘Decoded’ is all about human-created mysteries whereas ‘Ancient Aliens’ is all about extraterrestrial visitors.


If You Like ‘Ancient Aliens’, You Will Like…

Though Tsoukalos is perhaps the most famous proponent of the ancient alien astronauts theory, he’s certainly not the first one to discuss this idea. Several other theorists have investigated the idea of ancient visitors, especially through the close inspection of monuments like the pyramids.

‘In Search of Ancient Astronauts’ (Harald Reinl, 1973)

This is a one-off documentary that discusses the theory of ancient alien astronauts in depth. In fact, the documentary is based on the book “Chariots of the Gods”, which is widely regarded as the original starting point of this theory.

TV series like ‘Ancient Aliens’ may have never existed without this documentary, so every fan of the show should enjoy it. Its style may feel somewhat outdated compared to ‘Ancient Aliens’ but the theories are all there.


The Never-Ending Search

The fact that the Ancient Astronaut Society has thousands of members should not be surprising to anyone. Theories that could somehow explain our very existence and the course of the modern world are all inherently appealing.

Are you aware of other series similar to ‘Ancient Aliens’? Then share them with us in the comments!

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