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5 Shows like Almost Human: Robotic & Apocalyptic

Charlotte Lucas itcher‘Almost Human’ is not like any other dystopian show. With a unique mix of sci-fi and reality, the plot sees human detectives paired up with robotic partners. While it’s fun to watch them in pursuit of bad guys, the real meaning lies in what it really means to be human. If you’re into TV shows like ‘Almost Human’ – ones with apocalyptic storylines and cyborg characters – consider watching ‘Orphan Black’ or ‘Utopia’. ~ Charlotte Lucas

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Fantasy TV is all the rage right now, with supernatural creatures and make-believe locations broadcast by the dozen. The future is the new place to be: the more dark and dystopian, the better.

Planting characters in an apocalyptic scenario is a fascinating way to view the lengths that humans would go to in order to survive. If you’re a fan of ‘Almost Human’ and yearn for new territory, read my recommendations for perfect end-of-the-world viewing.


Shows Similar to ‘Almost Human’…

‘Orphan Black’ (Temple Street Productions, 2013–Present)

Have you ever seen someone who looks just like you? That feeling when you see your doppelganger in public can be so eerie. Protagonist Sarah has that feeling when she sees a woman called Elizabeth, only Elizabeth is stepping out in front of a train.

After witnessing this suicide, Sarah assumes Elizabeth’s identity, which leads to her discovering that they’re not alone. There were more of them.

This show is continuously heart-stopping, raising moral and ethical questions about cloning as well as keeping the viewer gripped with every twist and turn.

Similarity Match: 95%
Though ‘Orphan Black’ deals with clones instead of robots, it is just as sensitive as ‘Almost Human’ in its treatment of the sci-fi ‘other’.

‘Humans’ (AMC Studios, 2015–Present)

This show is set in an alternate reality where most families have a ‘synth’ – a robot who does all their work, leaving the humans never having to lift a finger. When it becomes apparent that there has been some sort of glitch among the synths, allowing them to be conscious, the implications are many.

Making an interesting contribution to the humans vs technology debate, the show questions what it means to be part of humanity. Indeed, the action is slightly neglected in favour of some philosophical pondering, which is all well and good; hopefully, the excitement will pick up in the second season.

Similarity Match: 80%
Though the concept of ‘Humans’ is just as intriguing as ‘Almost Human’, it seems to be all talk and little action – where is the fight?

‘Black Mirror’ (Zeppotron, 2011–Present)

This anthology series illuminates the pitfalls of technology and its increasing threat to our future. Each episode takes on a different reality – each reality is equally dark. The first episode saw a fictional Prime Minister become coerced into having sex with a pig on live television, so that should show you how non-existent the boundaries are with this show (also how prophetic – read about this here).

Each episode is darker than the next, with plots involving artificial intelligence in its many disturbing guises. Human sins such as abuse, adultery and self-obsession are magnified through the lens of technology. If you can handle such an unsettling watch, I urge you to look into ‘Black Mirror’.

Similarity Match: 70%
Although ‘Black Mirror’ focuses on the darker side of technology in general, it also has a satirical slant shared by ‘Almost Human’.


If You Like ‘Almost Human’, You Will Like…

The following shows depict dystopic futures, though they do not feature robots, clones or synths. Instead they use human characters to suggest how people like you and I would cope with an apocalypse scenario. Exciting stuff!

If TV shows like this bring out the conspirator in you, read on as I take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

‘Utopia’ (Kudos Film and Television, 2013–2014)

‘Utopia’ is fantastic and one of a kind. Yes, there are scores of imagined dystopias out there, but this one is so close to reality that it will scare you. The conspiracy thriller follows a group of people who meet online and gain access to a manuscript for a graphic novel.

The manuscript contains details of the Janus Project, a mission to sterilize many humans to combat overpopulation on the Earth. A group called the Network are chasing the friends in order to obtain the manuscript and put Janus into action.

A main player in the implementation of the Janus Project is a character called Mr Rabbit. The identity of this character is integral to the plot – I won’t give it away, but you will be surprised.

It may sound complicated and there are countless twists in the plot, but it will never be boring. If you’re still not sold, check out our article for more on ‘Utopia’.

Though both shows were cancelled far too soon, ‘Utopia’ had much more potential than ‘Almost Human’ for endless storylines and excitement.

‘The 100’ (Warner Bros Television, 2014–Present)

‘The 100’ is set in – you guessed it – an apocalyptic future. The human presence on Earth is endangered after a devastating nuclear war ended millions of lives. People now live in a super space station aptly named ‘the Ark’, forever floating above an inhabited planet. Things are changed forever when a hundred prisoners are sent down to Earth to see if people could live there again.

This science fiction drama dwells a little bit on the relationships between the hundred. After all, the cast is made up of gorgeous young things, so it is to be expected. Just a warning though: if you’re expecting strict adherence to the sci-fi genre, you may be slightly disappointed. If you stick with it however, this show is extremely entertaining, so I would advise you do so!

Though ‘The 100’ is set in a dystopian future like that seen in ‘Almost Human’, the action begins in space, adding an extra-terrestrial dimension to the drama.


A Brave New World

Step into another world, a far distant future with new rules and a rewritten reality. Even if you’re no conspiracy theorist, fantasist or sci-fi geek, these fantastical shows are well worth your time.

Did you agree with my list of series similar to ‘Almost Human’? Leave a comment to let me know!

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