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5 Shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Good Old-Fashioned Suspense

samar2Charming, witty and delicately suspenseful, Alfred Hitchcock presents several short stories adapted for nighttime TV thrills. An episode titled ‘Man From the South’ features crime film legend Peter Lorre (Fritz Lang’s ‘M’ and Hitchcock’s ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’). Read on for more old-time TV shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ to watch at night. ~ Samar N

Shows Similar To ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’

This article recommends an underrated title, a must-see title, an unknown title, an ‘if you like, you will like’ title and an unexpected title so you have different options when it comes to choosing your next movie to watch.



‘Murder, She Wrote’ (CBS, 1984 – 1996)

Darling elderly mystery writer Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) has a knack for solving mysteries with an affectionate touch, whether in her native small town in Maine or in crime-ridden New York City. Though aired in the 80s and 90s, Angela Lansbury’s motherly fussing and fretting gives the show an old-time feel.


Similarity Match

A former high school teacher and mystery novelist solves cases that happen to pop up everywhere around her.



‘Masterpiece Mystery’ (PBS, 1980 – 2006)

Horror icon Vincent Price introduces this spinoff of ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ by staging haunted house gags, emerging from cobwebs and ducking to avoid spiders and bats. This classic series similar to ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ presents British mystery dramas to American audiences, often featuring sleuths from Agatha Christie novels.


Similarity Match

British literary mysteries introduced by Horror icon Vincent Price.



‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ (ITV, 1989 – 2003)

Actor David Suchet is the perfect Poirot lookalike, complete with a curled moustache and an egg-shaped head. Hastings is an intelligent side-kick, but without any imagination. Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector Japp, on the other hand, is smart enough to know when to collaborate with Poirot, who uncannily solves the case every time.


Similarity Match

Our favourite retired Belgian detective solves cases of interest.



‘The Twilight Zone’ (CBS, 1959 – 1964)

Under the guise of being a fantasy and science fiction show, ‘The Twilight Zone’ deals with controversial political material, usually censored from prime time TV. Themes included nuclear war and the anti-communist hysteria, McCarthyism. In the episode ‘The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street’, an ordinary neighbourhood is fraught by a witch-hunt for disguised space monsters.


Similarity Match

A sci-fi show featuring space aliens and zombies deals subtly with topical issues.


If You Like ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’, You Will Like

‘The Alfred Hitchcock Hour’ (NBC, 1962 – 1965)

The show is a follow up to ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’. Highlights include ‘The Man from Rio’, starring murder mystery favourite Peter Lorre and ‘king of cool’ actor Steve McQueen.


Similarity Match

Same show, different name.


Over to You

These are my favourite suspense serials. Share your favorite TV series like ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’.

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