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6 Shows like Alaska State Troopers: Travelling with Cops

Adam Pothitos itcherAside from the rigorous police training, law enforcement officers sometimes need to undergo special training depending on where they’re stationed. TV shows like ‘Alaska State Troopers’, ‘Boston’s Finest’, and ‘Navajo Cops’ take us on a journey where police officers need to know everything about their surroundings to operate efficiently. ~ Adam Pothitos

Policing the U.S.

Though most shows that follow police officers are extremely similar, TV series like ‘Alaska State Troopers’ are unique in the sense that they focus on a specific location. After all, police work has wildly different requirements in each region.

For instance, Alaskan troops need to navigate vast distances and respond to calls, even though backup can be more than an hour away.


Shows Similar to ‘Alaska State Troopers’…

‘Navajo Cops’ (National Geographic, 2011-2012)

‘Navajo Cops’ follows the everyday adventure of those officers who patrol several areas of the Navajo reservation. It’s fascinating to watch how their work is very similar to that of other police officers while also unique in its own right.

Aside from the usual police work that you’ll see on similar shows, ‘Navajo Cops’ also delves into the personal lives of the starring officers. This allows the viewer to better understand what these cops have to go through, what their jobs mean to them on a personal level, and even what makes them qualified for their positions.

Similarity Match: 95%
Through the course of only six episodes, ‘Navajo Cops’ gives us an intimate look at one of the most interesting police forces in the world.

‘Southern Justice’ (National Geographic, 2014- )

While the Appalachian region is absolutely beautiful, it’s also a very troubled place.

‘Southern Justice’ follows officers from the Ashe County and Sullivan County Sheriff departments in what’s described as a constant battle. The show is truly eye-opening as these officers have to deal with an abundance of criminal elements in a harsh region that makes their job even more difficult.

‘Southern Justice’ may not paint a pretty picture of the region but it’s definitely one of the most honest shows of its kind. It’s also a genuinely compelling look into a unique culture which plays a very important role in the work of these officers.

Similarity Match: 90%
‘Southern Justice’ will probably deter potential visitors to any of the depicted counties but it does make for some very entertaining TV.

‘North Woods Law’ (Animal Planet, 2012- )

‘North Woods Law’ follows several game wardens in Maine as they go about their daily jobs. Unlike the vast majority of police reality shows, ‘North Woods Law’ is very laid-back. After all, the wardens mainly deal with people who fish and hunt illegally.

On top of everything else, the game wardens are very friendly and informative. They explain each of their actions in detail so that the viewer can always understand why they are giving people fines and whatnot.

Lastly, Maine is just stunning and the show goes to some incredible locations.

Similarity Match: 85%
‘North Woods Law’ may not be as exciting as other similar shows but Maine’s beautiful locales will let you relax while justice is being served.

‘Boston’s Finest’ (TNT, 2013-2014)

Though most other shows on this list focus on forests and other similar areas, ‘Boston’s Finest’ focuses on one of the oldest police departments in the US. The show features many different departments so you’ll get an in-depth view on what these police officers have to face.

The show frequently features some very colorful characters, which really showcase what makes Boston such a unique city. The officers themselves are very aware of the city’s culture, which is why they also fight to protect it.

Similarity Match: 80%
‘Boston’s Finest’ boasts great production values and an almost-constant sense of excitement that’s usually missing from similar offerings.

‘Traffic Cops’ (BBC, 2003- )

Though this show doesn’t actually center on a specific region, it still has a very clear focus that separates it from other series. There are so many people of different cultures and personalities featured on this show that it’s not hard to see why it has remained so popular over the years.

‘Traffic Cops’ treats police work with great care but there’re plenty of amusing moments as well. The officers have to deal with a huge variety of cases, from traffic violations to insane manhunts. Their methods are also very different from what you’ll see in US shows, which should make it even more interesting for North American residents.

Similarity Match: 80%
‘Traffic Cops’ is like a slice of life, offering the perfect mix of comedy and drama combined with some great insights into the work of the highway police.


If You Like ‘Alaska State Troopers’, You Will Like…

If there’s one thing that reality TV shows about cops have in common, it’s that they are mostly very serious. After all, illegal activities are no laughing matter and police officers always need to act in a professional manner, at least when they’re on duty.

‘Reno 911’ (Comedy Central, 2003-2009)

‘Reno 911’ is a hilarious parody of almost every reality TV show about cops. Its format is virtually identical to series similar to ‘Alaska State Troopers’ and even the dialogue is improvised to add a flavor of authenticity.

‘Reno 911’ is like the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ of cop shows, so while you’ll probably learn nothing about real police work, it’ll at least make you laugh your heart out.


End of Watch

Though every law enforcement agency focuses on different things – as we can see from this list – all of them are ultimately the same.

Setting aside any possible corruption, law enforcement officers are here to protect and serve, in every sense of that phrase. Through shows like ‘Alaska State Troopers’, we can now also appreciate the subtle but important differences between each agency as well as the areas that they protect.

If you’d like to add any other series like ‘Alaska State Troopers’ to the discussion, feel free to comment below!

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