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5 Romantic Albums Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Michael Taylor itcherI have you covered, with five can’t-fail romantic albums perfect for Valentine’s Day. ~ Michael Taylor

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s all about setting the mood. And nothing creates a romantic atmosphere better than music.

But with so many genres to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick out the perfect romantic soundtrack.

I’ve done the job for you and picked out five perfect Valentine’s Day albums from different music genres to make sure that at least one will match your taste.

5. ‘Ultra’ (Depeche Mode, 1997)

Depeche Mode’s most underrated album is also their most sensual.

Songwriter Martin Gore explored bluesy textures and more subdued electronic arrangements in a mostly down-tempo affair. And frontman Dave Gahan unleashed some of his most soulful vocals to date.

All these elements coalesce together for ideal bedroom listening.

And if you like Depeche Mode, you should give these bands a listen too, you won’t regret it!

Essential Valentine’s Tracks: Home, The Love Thieves, It’s No Good, Sister of Night, The Bottom Line, Insight.

4. ‘Moon Safari’ (Air, 1998)

French electronic duo Air’s debut album is so self-assured in its debonair cool and Euro swagger that it became an instant classic for romantic and sensual occasions with its sleepy tempos and retro-synth charms.

Essential Valentine’s Tracks: La Femme D’Argent, Sexy Boy, All I Need, Talisman, You Make It Easy.

3. ‘xx’ (The xx, 2009)

The xx’s debut album took critics by storm upon its debut.

It has that rare ability to sound both fresh and timeless, with musicians who feel wise beyond their young years. It’s also one of the sexiest and most intimate albums ever, with the simmering hushed vocals of Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim heating up Jamie xx’s icy electronics.

Singer Andrew Eldritch’s undead croak mixed with spectral guitars and pulsating drum machine will set the mood for an interesting and impassioned evening for moody music lovers.

Essential Valentine’s Tracks: Infinity, Night Time, Shelter Stars, Fantasy, VCR and Crystalized.

2. ‘I Wear Your Ring’ (Sade, 1992)

Sade’s silky smooth pipes and tropical mix of jazz, soul and R&B adds up to the aural equivalent of a stiff cocktail or a relaxing massage. That’s why her albums are go-to bedroom music for lovers the world over.

‘Love Deluxe’ more than lives up to its title. From the opening track ‘No Ordinary Love’ you’re in expert hands to start Valentine’s Day on a perfect note.

Essential Valentine’s Tracks: No Ordinary Love, I Couldn’t Love You More, Kiss of Life and Cherish The Day.

1. ‘Avalon’ (Roxy Music, 1982)

Roxy Music’s final studio album remains a masterpiece of sophisto-pop and its musical influence is immeasurable.

The same can be said for it’s seductive powers, with vocalist Bryan Ferry at his most charming and suave.

It’s the ultimate love album: perfect for a candlelight dinner for two, bedroom mood music and any other Valentine’s Day festivities you can think of.

Essential Valentine’s Tracks: More Than This, The Main Thing, Avalon, The Main Thing, Take A Chance With Me and To Turn You On.


There’s More

Truthful admission: It was almost tortuous to choose just five albums for your Valentine’s Day needs, so I would be remiss if not to include several honorable mentions that are also perfect listening for romantic occasions (I had to include My Bloody Valentine eventually, right?).

MezzanineMassive Attack



Purple RainPrince

Boys and GirlsBryan Ferry

DisintegrationThe Cure

Pink MoonNick Cave

LovelessMy Bloody Valentine

Kind of BlueMiles Davis


Now What Do You Think?

So there’s my list of essential albums for Valentine’s Day.

Now I want to hear from you.

Any other musical collections you’d add to my recommendations?

Tell me in the comments section.

**For a video playlist of the recommendations, please click here.

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