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My Name is Simon – Meet the YouTuber Entertaining Thousands with his Reviews and Reactions

Hi Simon! You make awesome videos on YouTube. When did you first have an idea for your channel?

Thanks! I think I first thought of making a channel a few years ago now after watching people like Boogie2988, although I didn't really entertain the idea until late 2015 and to be honest I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do at that point!

This is your chance to introduce your channel to the itcher audience – how would you sum up the content you create?

Well I would say that my channel is about my life, it mostly focuses on my reviews and reactions to TV shows and movies, although I do a lot of gaming live streams and personal vlogs. I like to talk about relevant topics and analyse what is going on in the world around me.

You’re currently at over 11k subscribers, congrats! What do you think attracts people to your content?

Thanks again! I like to think people are attracted to my personality, I'm all about detail and like to share my opinion no matter how blunt it is! I have a lot of people who I now consider friends who have watched me and I believe that my calm and friendly nature let's people connect with me. Also, I like to think I'm pretty funny!

We think you're very funny! What’s the long-term plan for YouTube?

YouTube is a hobby for me right now, I make content alongside working a full time job, I'd love for my hobby to become my livelihood but I'm realistic and know that, even though I've had a good start, making a living from YouTube is a very small possibility.

Your channel has a great variety of content. If you had to pick, which 3 videos are your favourite?

Wow, this will be quite difficult as I've made over 1300 of them! I'd probably go with my "Mary Berry" skit that I did with my character Stan, I made a bit of a mess in that one! Another would be the video where I talk about coming out and being gay, people were very supportive in that video. The final one is not so much a video but I'd say the entire journey i went on whilst watching Avatar The Last Airbender, it's an amazing show that I was very glad I got to share with many of my online friends.

It sounds like you have an awesome audience! Going forward, if you could introduce a new genre of video to your channel, what type of video would you choose?

I'd very much like to learn animation and try and create some kind of animated content, I'm not sure I'd be very good but I'd love to give it a try!

Sounds fantastic! Finally, what long-lasting lesson you have learned from being a YouTuber?

I think it's taught me a lot, video editing skills, how to speak with confidence in front of a camera but I think the biggest lesson was that it taught me to strive to better myself with each video. If you go back and look at my first videos, they're pretty bad but with each one it get's a little bit better and this is what I want to continue with.

We loved hearing your insights! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Simon.

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