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4 Movies like Zoolander: Really, Really, Ridiculously Funny!

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Paola_Bassanese_itcher_contributor“I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.” Derek Zoolander

Good for you, Zoolander! And now:

Let’s have a look at more titles that are really, really ridiculously funny: films similar to Zoolander coming up!
~ Paola Bassanese

Other Movies Like Zoolander

The obvious choice is of course There’s Something about Mary (1998) also starring Ben Stiller (I already talked about this movie -and similar- in laugh-out-loud comedies…)But let’s dig a bit deeper and find other gems.
`The Birdcage´ (Mike Nichols, 1996)

Plenty of side-splitting scenes

Plenty of side-splitting scenes, especially courtesy of Hank Azaria who plays clumsy, barefoot butler Agador.

If his face and voice look familiar, it’s because he did the voiceovers for a number of The Simpsons characters and has appeared in dozens of movies including Love & Other Drugs (2010), Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2014), Along Came Polly (2004) and he even appeared in the TV series Friends.

Robin Williams is hilarious as a gay cabaret owner opposite Nathan Lane who plays his drag queen life partner.

`Blades of Glory´ (Josh Gordon, Will Speck, 2007)

“Magic junk.”

Two Olympic ice skaters are banned from their beloved sport… but wait, they can still compete as a couple! Hilarity ensues.

If you like your comedy a bit, shall we say, “unrefined”, then you will love Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell as ice skater pro Chazz Michael Michaels (as you know, any scene in a movie where he is in, he is going to be funny).

Trainer: “What do you guys have that none of the other teams have?”
Chazz Michael Michaels: “Magic junk.”

`The Full Monty´ (Peter Cattaneo, 1997)

The humour is always in good taste

The Full Monty is a classic – the premise is that a group of steel workers become unemployed and they must find a way to make some cash, quick.

They decide to become the thinking woman’s Chippendales and put together a male strippers show.

The humour is always in good taste and pokes fun at both society and male insecurities.

Even Prince Charles was a fan of the movie and he famously recreated one scene (where the protagonists queue up at the Job Centre and suddenly bursting into dance when they hear Donna Summers Hot Stuff).

`The Secret Life of Walter Mitty´ (Ben Stiller, 2013)

Walter lives in a fantasy world where he is a hero

What, Ben Stiller again? Well, if you liked Zoolander, you probably also enjoyed Ben Stiller’s performance.

Here he plays picture editor Walter Mitty: he works for Life Magazine and has a crush on his co-worker, played by Kirsten Wiig (Bridesmaids).

Walter‘s life is very ordinary (“Is this just real life, is this just fantasy” – cue Queen‘s Bohemian Rhapsody) but things turn upside down very quickly.

Walter lives in a fantasy world where he is a hero; the reality is far from his dreams, until he needs to go on a goose chase to find a missing picture he needs for the magazine cover.

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was a short story by James Thurber which appeared in The New Yorker in 1939.

The humour is more sophisticated but there’s still plenty of silliness like in Zoolander. Also a must watch for the short appearances by Shirley MacLaine, who plays Walter’s mother, and Sean Penn, who plays recluse photographer Sean O’Connell.

Unlike the previous movie choices, this film has the added bonus of being life-affirming and inspiring.

Good job, Mr Stiller!


Let your Hair down!

Time for some good old belly laughs – enjoy these movies!Let me know which one you prefer in the comments.

**For a video playlist of the recommendations, please click here.

I am Paola Bassanese, and I love twitter – I think in slogans! I am a contributing author at itcher mag covering mainly quirky movies that I like and that I hope you′ll like too. [n-e-x-t] I have written a few books including The Foraging Home Cook, and also write about health and lifestyle for the Huffington Post. I consider myself to be a Londoner even though I was born in Italy. I love 80s music and foreign language films, but I also enjoy going to the opera and ballet.
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