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6 Movies like Warm Bodies: True Love Cures Brain Crave

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Ami Brown ItcherWho knew that the cure for the zombie apocalypse was simply finding true love? Well, if you’ve seen Warm Bodies, you know the cold heart of a zombie can be changed back into a warm beating organ when love is in the air. A few other movies like Warm Bodies capture this fun spirit as well. ~ Ami Brown

Odd Couples Rule

Relationships between unlikely pairs make for interesting characters and plots. These movies really entertain and breathe new life into zombie romance and odd friendships.

A few more movies like Warm Bodies, include Life After Beth, A Little Bit Zombie and Paul.


Movies Similar to ‘Warm Bodies’…

‘Life After Beth’ (Jeff Baena, 2014)

In this cute zombie story, Beth is dead and buried, and when her psychotic parents bring her back to life, she’s not quite the same. She begins to slowly change into something out of horror books, but her love for her boyfriend and family remain intact.  

Her superhuman strength and veracious appetite for humans doesn’t even drive her loyal boyfriend away. That’s what I call true zombie love.  

Life After Beth is a fresh funny movie about loving someone no matter what.        

Both these films have comedic on-screen chemistry, while Warm Bodies is about turning human, Life After Beth shows us how a human turns zombie.

‘A Little Bit Zombie’ (Casey Walker, 2012)

A group of friends’ weekend cabin trip is turned upside down when Steve gets attacked by a zombie fly.

He has to keep it together, keep his job, and crazy girlfriend while fighting his brain drooling zombie urges. A quirky spoof that will have you in stitches with the fun dialogue and over-the-top characters.

This is not your typical romantic comedy, but if you like zombies I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Although both these feature some gorrific fun, where Warm Bodies focus on the love story, this one focuses more on the comedy of the situation.

‘Paul’ (Greg Mottola, 2011)

Paul is a cute little extra-terrestrial that befriends two alien enthusiasts, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They make an unusual bond while attempting to get him back to his space ship.

Even though there are no zombies, the overall warm comedic character interaction makes it so enjoyable. Pegg and Frost have incredible on-screen chemistry as well.  

When looking for other films similar to Warm Bodies, I thought this one is especially funny and embodies that odd couple spirit. 

While both these films use special effects, Paul takes it to the next level with the hyper-realistic CG alien character.


If You like ‘Warm Bodies’, You Will Like…

These next few movies I picked have a similar feel to Warm Bodies.  I am not mentioning the Twilight Sagas because you’ve probably seen them already. Although these are not comedies, they all capture that unique story of human transformation and an apocalyptic cure.

‘Daybreakers’ (Michael Spierig, 2009)

Daybreakers is the futuristic tale of a vampire virus that has overtaken the planet and regular humans are farmed for blood. To save mankind a cure must be found to change back the vampires.

This story also includes a nice love twist that you might not expect.     

Warm Bodies is a simple love story where this one consists of a complicated futuristic government in control.

‘The Host’ (Andrew Niccol, 2013)

An alien race takes over humans, rendering their minds powerless – except for a few humans in hiding.

This brave tale allows us to get inside the mind of The Host, a young woman fighting with the being inside her. Her strength allows her to manipulate the host and use her unique inside knowledge to fight back.

Both these films seek out a cure for a doomed human race, this one however uses humans as a host body for their evil plans.

‘World War Z’ (Marc Forster, 2013)

This ultimate zombie movie gives us some incredible mass battle scenes like no other. If you want non-stop action, then this is the movie you’ve been waiting for.

Brad Pitt delivers the best zombie kills and by-the-skin-of-your-teeth escapes, while trying to find a cure and of course save the world.   

Both these movies focus on a cure for the zombie epidemic, but this one offers zombie attacks on an epic scale.


Zombies, Aliens and Vampires – Oh My!

Zombie love stories are really a unique genre when it comes to movies, with only a handful out there. These other films like Warm Bodies are full of unlikely couples or people saving the world from a mass invasion.

What Do You Think?

Do you know another movie like Warm Bodies?   

I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

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