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5 Movies like Walk the Line: Music Biopics

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JoshThe likes of Johnny Cash and Jim Morrison are brought back to life with these fascinating biopic movies like ‘Walk the Line’.

Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of country singer Johnny Cash for ‘Walk the Line’, bringing to life the ‘Ring of Fire’ singer. The film charts the life of the star from his younger troubled years where he lost his brother to a tragic accident to meeting up with partner June Carter, played by an award-winning Reese Witherspoon.

Make sure to check out my other recommendations for movies like ‘Walk the Line’. ~ Josh Sammons

Movies Similar to ‘Walk the Line’

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‘The Doors’ (Oliver Stone, 1991)

‘The Doors’ brings to life the short but memorable life of The Doors’ frontman, Jim Morrison. When he wasn’t performing, Morrison was known for his psychedelic trips and wild lifestyle and the film gets stuck into the darker side of the troubled icon.

Val Kilmer becomes Jim Morrison, delivering one of the best performances of his career.

‘The Doors’ proves to be a must-watch for fans of the band and gives a detailed insight into the wacky mind of one of the best singer/composers of the twentieth century.


Similarity Match

Exploring the crazy life of Jim Morrison.



‘Ray’ (Taylor Hackford, 2004)

Jamie Foxx transforms himself into legendary singer, Ray Charles, for biopic, ‘Ray’.

The film charts the life of the soul musician from his early troubled years where he lost his sight at the age of 9, to dealing with his drug addiction whilst inspiring a generation with his soulful music.

It’s easy to see why Foxx won an Academy Award for his performance, as he loses himself in the role, capturing every aspect of the muscian perfectly. His performance is enough to elovate the aready great biopic.


Similarity Match

Ray Charles is brought back to life.



‘Love & Mercy’ (Bill Pohlad, 2014)

‘Love & Mercy’ explores the life of Brian Wilson, the co-founder for band, ‘The Beach Boys’.

Paul Dano once again proves his worth as an actor as he takes on the role, transforming himself into the troubled musician.

‘The Beach Boys’ are at the top of their game in the late 60s, touring America in front of thousands of screaming fans. Life, however, proves to be difficult for Wilson, who drops out the band as he struggles to deal with an emerging psychosis. 


Similarity Match

The fall and rise of a music legend.



‘Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story’ (Jake Kasdan, 2007)

‘Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story’ makes light of the films on this list. It tells the story of Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly) a musician who must overcome his troubled past to break into the music industry. As well as becoming a music icon, he must battle his inner demons as his addictions try to take over his life.

‘Walk Hard’ is a hilarious spoof of the movies on this list – in particular, ‘Walk the Line’. Reilly is at his comical best as he emerges from the shadow of Will Ferrell to take the lead.


Similarity Match

A comical spoof of music biopics.


If You Like ‘Walk the Line’, You Will Like

‘Control’ (Anton Corbijn, 2007)

The life of ‘Joy Division’ frontman, Ian Curtis, is brought to life in ‘Control’. The film follows the short life of the singer during his successful few years in the band.

Set in the 70s, the film follows Curtis, who is a troubled soul who lets his emotions come out in his powerful lyrics. Many of his troubles are explored in the film, including his failing marriage, struggle to deal with the band’s success, and his worsening epilepsy, which takes over his life.

Though he died at the age of 23, Curtis left a huge mark on the music industry for many years to come. Actor Sam Reilly takes full control of the film, delivering a harrowing and very honest performance.


Similarity Match

Charting the troubled life of Ian Curtis.


Over to You

These films like ‘Walk the Line’ chart the lives of successful musicians who all left a huge impression on the industry. They all led troubled lives, which came across in their music. What are your favourite biopics of famous artists?

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