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5 Movies like The Incredible Hulk: An Absolute Clobberfest!

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Dale Barham itcherMovies like ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘Real Steel’ are all types of movies that delight in the fact that they’re allowed to smash and crash their way through their run-time.

Indeed, if you’ve come here looking for flicks where gargantuan beasts and robots cause untold levels of destruction, you’ll revel in the suggestions I’ve selected. ~ Dale Barham

Movies Similar to ‘The Incredible Hulk’

This article recommends an underrated title, a must-see title, an unknown title, an ‘if you like, you will like’ title and an unexpected title so you have different options when it comes to choosing your next movie to watch.



‘Transformers’ (Michael Bay, 2007)

While the other ‘Transformers’ movies have continually disappointed, you can’t deny that the first installment was a rollicking good action flick.

Shia LaBeouf stars as a kid who gets his first car, only to find out its actual an alien being sent to Earth to find protect a powerful artifact from a group of evil robots known as Decepticons.

Before long, our blue planet is the battleground for one action-packed showdown between the two sides, while humanity hangs delicately in the balance.


Similarity Match

Popcorn fun at its best! 



‘Pacific Rim’ (Guillermo Del Toro, 2013)

Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam star in this balls-to-the-wall monster smash set in apocalyptic future society where monsters rise up from the ocean and lay waste to our cities.

The only line of defence is a select group of pilots who take control of giant robots and take the fight to this enormous and grotesque threat.

With Guillermo Del Toro at the helm, this movie is both beautiful and popping with imagination, even if the story does falter on occassion.


Similarity Match

A relentless fantasy action spectacular! 



‘Real Steel’ (Shawn Levy, 2011)

Hugh Jackman is his usual charismatic self in this thoroughly entertaining family action flick.

He stars as a father who, while trying to connect with his son, salvages a robot to do battle in a futuristic boxing-style sport.

Set in a world when mechanical beings beat the snot out of each other in huge televised events, this might just be what he needs to finally make something of himself as a father and as a man.


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Boxing has never been so metal! 



‘Godzilla’ (Gareth Edwards, 2014)

Get ready for a ‘Godzilla’ movie quite unlike anything that’s come before it.

Gareth Edwards moves away from the subtlety of his debut ‘Monsters’ and instead opts to go all out with this story about giant prehistoric creatures that rise from the bowels of the earth in an epic grudge match.

Meanwhile, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen appear as members of an estranged family who must navigate this incredulous turn of events in their own ways.


Similarity Match

An enormous deathmatch with monsters - need I say more? 


If You Like ‘The Incredible Hulk’, You Will Like

‘Man of Steel’ (Zack Snyder, 2013)

If you’re looking for untold destruction and chaos in another superhero movie like ‘The Incredible Hulk’, make sure you check out Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’.

In this gritty retelling of Superman’s origin story, Henry Cavill stars as the extra-terrestrial saviour who lands on this planet after the destruction of his own. Growing up alongside humans, he experiences problems fitting in and finding out who he is in this world.

But when the evil General Zod lands on earth with a plan to wipe out humanity for the sake of his own people, Superman must don his iconic cape and go to battle for the society he now calls his own.


Similarity Match

A superhero smash with maximum collateral damage. 


Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Are there any other films like ‘The Incredible Hulk’ that you would recommend? What did you think of my suggestions?

Whatever your thoughts, sound off in the comments section below!

Hi, I’m Dale and I’m a Blu-Ray addict. When I’m not obsessively fixating over the ever-growing mountain of movies taking up most of the front room, I’m usually writing about all things Hollywood. Go figure, huh? If I’m not glued to the television watching ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ for the billionth time, you can probably find me crooning in my hard-rocking blues band or having inane conversations with the resident cats.
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