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5 Movies like The Fourth Kind: Close Encounters!

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Dale Barham itcherMovies like ‘The Fourth Kind’, ‘Fire in the Sky’ and ‘Dark Skies’ are enough to give anybody the creeps when it comes to all things extra-terrestrial. Whether you believe in aliens or not, you can’t deny the out-of-space creatures in these movies are – for lack of a better word – just plain scary!

Don’t believe me? Check ’em out and see for yourself! ~ Dale Barham

Movies Similar to ‘The Fourth Kind’

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‘Fire in the Sky’ (Robert Lieberman, 1993)

When a group of friends experience a terrifying alien encounter in the woods, they return back home with one less than when they set out.

They try to tell people he was abducted by aliens, but of course, nobody is willing tolisten to their sensational story… that is until the friend appears a few days later with an unbelievable version of events!

You think that sounds scary? Well that whole thing is actually based on a true story! Good luck sleeping after this one!


Similarity Match

Rooted in reality, this alien flick will keep you up for weeks. 



‘Dark Skies’ (Scott Stewart, 2013)

One movie like ‘The Fourth Kind’ you have to see is the hugely entertaining ‘Dark Skies’.

The story is somewhat simple – a family start experiencing strange phenomena which may or may not be linked to aliens. It isn’t long before they find out those extra-terrestrial visitors have set their sights on their young son… and there’s nothing they can do to stop them.

Despite the straightforward premise, there’s a tonne of homage scenes and freaky moments to keep both sci-fi and horror nuts happy here.


Similarity Match

A home invasion horror with sci-fi twist. 



‘Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County’ (Dean Alioto, 1998)

This is one of the few found-footage movies that managed to get under my skin and has never left. In fact, I still can’t look up at my bathroom window without imagining an alien crawling through and into my home.

The movie follows a family going about their Thanksgiving celebrations, who witness alien activity in the field by their home. Pretty soon, they find themselves on the wrong end of a terrifying alien encounter that sees the grey-skinned terrors target them for their next experiments.


Similarity Match

Low budget thrills make for an excellent abduction movie. 



‘Alien Abduction’ (Matty Beckerman, 2014)

Another found-footage movie for you to sink your teeth into now, this time in the form of 2014’s underrated ‘Alien Abduction’.

The movie follows a young autistic boy as he videos his family’s camping trip, only to capture terrifying alien activity in the process. When the bright lights start flashing and people go missing, you can bet no tent or sleeping bag is going to save these unfortunate souls!


Similarity Match

Jump scares are abound in the found-footage thriller. 


If You Like ‘The Fourth Kind’, You Will Like

‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ (Seven Spielberg, 1977)

If you’re after a more optimistic alien movie, why not check out Steven Spielberg’s classic ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’.

Richard Dreyfuss stars as a man who, along with several others from his town, witnesses bizarre UFO activity amidst a series of abductions, and becomes obsessed with finding the beings responsible.

The events leave a lasting emotional impression on him, which sees him act in ways he’s never acted before. Whether he’s making giant sculptures of where the aliens are going to land next or pushing his loved ones away, his obsession will either make or break him.

With one of the most groundbreaking finales in cinema history, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ is a movie that really needs to be seen to be believed.


Similarity Match

An emotional, fun and wholly satisfying sci-fi extravaganza. 


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