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5 Movies like Tales from the Crypt: Cult Horror Flicks

JoshOver the decades there has been a flurry of great cult horror movies like ‘Tales from the Crypt’ that have risen from obscurity to become firm favourites among die hard fans.

The horror can be very hit or miss. For every great there’s another cumby one to remind us why the genre has faded so much over the years. Luckily, here I have picked out a number of great cult classics that are worth checking out. ~ Josh Sammons

Movies Similar to ‘Tales from the Crypt’

We hope you enjoy this article and its different recommendation options. Be enchanted by hidden gems you may have never heard of before and (re)discover unmissable classics.



‘Night of the Creeps’ (Fred Dekker, 1986)

This underrated gem comes courtesy of director Fred Dekker whose work also includes ‘The Monster Squad’, as well as writing for the television version of ‘Tales From the Crypt’.

This story centres around two geeky friends who accidently unleash an alien that had been frozen for decades, due to a prank gone wrong.

With Earth seemingly coming to an end, the boys take the opportunity to right wrongs and decide to fight back for the sake of humanity.


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An underrated horror gem.



‘The Return of the Living Dead’ (Dan O’Bannon, 1985)

‘The Return of the Living Dead’ is one of those cult classics that deserves a much bigger audience.

Blending horror and comedy, this tale follows a bunch of people caught up in the middle of a zombie attack.

After unwittingly releasing a deadly poison gas into the air, the two men, along with their friends fight for their lives against the flesh eating beasts.

‘The Return of the Living Dead’ is a super enjoyable cult classic that benefits from great effects and a silly premise.


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A smart Zombie based cult classic.



‘Dead Alive’ (Peter Jackson, 1992)

Also known as ‘Braindead’, this splatter film comes from the mind of Peter Jackson, who prior to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series, was the master of the cult horror movies.

In the film, a trip to the zoo turns deadly for overprotective mother Vera Cosgrove who is bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey whilst spying on her son.

Believing her to be dead, the boy is shocked to discover she has in fact turned into a zombie. After escaping from captivity, she makes it her duty to turn others, and embark in a human eating venture.


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A pre-'Lord of the Rings' horror classic.



‘Videodrome’ (David Cronenberg, 1983)

This crazy cult movie comes from the mind of David Cronenberg (‘Scanners’) and remains a haunting, and vastly original classic.

James Woods stars as Max Renn, the President of a trashy television channel. Desperate for more viewers, he believes he’s in luck when he stumbles across ‘Videodrome’, a torture and punishment channel that is oddly hypnotising.

But when his girlfriend (Debbie Harry) disappears after entering into the show, he comes to the realisation that the show may not be as fake as it looks.


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This channel will prove deadly.


If You Like ‘Tales from the Crypt’, You Will Like

‘Creepshow’ (George A. Romero, 1982)

‘Creepshow’ is a movie like ‘Tales From the Crypt that is an anthology film, which consists of five seperate segments.

This homage to EC and DC horror comics, and adapted from a short novel from Stephen King (who wrote the screenplay) contains five short horror stories.

‘Creepshow’ offers a welcome comedy twist to the genre, which is brought to life by the zombie king himself, George A. Romero.


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Another cult classic anthology horror.


Over to You

Here are my choices for cult classic films like ‘Tales From the Crypt’. What are your favourite cult classics from the horror genre?

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