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5 Movies like Syrup: Work Based Movies

JoshWho’d have thought the work place would make for a great setting for a film? Movies like ‘Syrup’ prove that the work environment is the perfect setting for great films. From the likes of ‘Clerks’ to ‘Office Space’, work has given us and endless suply of hilarious moments.

For more work based films that prove working 9 to 5 doesn’t have to be a drag, check out my recommendations! ~ Josh Sammons

Movies Similar to ‘Syrup’

We hope you enjoy this article and its different recommendation options. Be enchanted by hidden gems you may have never heard of before and (re)discover unmissable classics.



‘Waiting…’ (Rob McKittrick, 2005)

‘Waiting…’ sees Ryan Reynolds showcasing his culinary skills within the kitchen to gross-out comical effect.

The staff of Shenaniganz like nothing better than to pull of pranks and get their own back on rude customers.

Each of the staff members face dilemmas in their lives. For Monty (Reynolds) it’s resisting the advances of a younger colleague, whilst Dean must decide whether he wants to take a promotion at the resaraunt or try his luck elsewhere.


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Don't eat at this restaurant!



‘Clerks’ (Kevin Smith, 1994)

Kevin Smith became the king of the independent scene with his darkly funny comedy, ‘Clerks’.

The story centres around a day in the life for employees at the Quick Stop convenience store.

For friends Randal and Dante, their lives working in the shop mean two very different things. Either working there as a means to an end or it being a place to relax and watch porn.

As the day unravels, the two find themselves dealing with a number of subjects, from one girlfriend’s extra curricular activities to the death of a customer.


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He's not even supposed to be working today!



‘Extract’ (Mike Judge, 2009)

Mike Judge, the man behind films like ‘Office Space’ and shows like ‘Beavis and Butthead’ directs and writes this work set indie comedy.

Jason Bateman stars Joel Reynolds, the owner of a flavour extracting warehouse. Though he’s married, he soon finds himself falling for Cindy (Mila Kunis).

Little does he realise that she is in fact a con artist who sets out to destroy his life.


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A ferociously clever work set comedy.



‘The Social Network’ (David Fincher, 2010)

‘The Social Network’ is the multi-award winning film directed by David Fincher, based on the rise of Facebook.

Of course there’s much to digest in this movie that focuses on the work of Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg).

Along the way to creating the now global site, he encounters many troubles including lawsuits, women troubles and fallouts with friends.

‘The Social Network’ is a typically crisp script from Aaron Sorkin, in which he highlights just why he’s one of the best writer’s working today.


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The origins to the monster known as Facebook.


If You Like ‘Syrup’, You Will Like

‘Office Space’ (Mike Judge, 1999)

We finish the list with another Mike Judge comedy, this time with his classic ‘Office Space’.

This work based movie like ‘Syrup’ follows slacker Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) who hates where he works.

After being left in a trance due to his therapist dying whilst undergoing hypnotherapy, Peter takes a new outlook on life and begins to challenge the establishment.


Similarity Match

Don't ask him to work on a Saturday.


Tell Us What You Think

These are my recommendations for films like ‘Syrup’. What are your favourite work based movies?

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