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6 Movies like Eurotrip: Idiocy Meets Hilarity

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tom_cropperSome movies are a guilty pleasure, others are just criminal. These films fall into the latter category.~ Tom Cropper

“No actual Europeans were harmed in the making of this movie.”

I’ve always had a difficult relationship with pork scratchings. On the one hand, they’re the most repulsive food ever invented, and on the other, they’re kind of addictive.

Eurotrip is like that.

Make no doubt – this is a terrible, terrible movie, as a group of over-sexed and slightly nerdy American teenagers head to Europe in the hope of having sex with a real life woman.

Even so, this has some moments of genius, whether it’s Vinny Jones and his group of British football thugs, the Eastern European with an excessive love for the Dukes of Hazard or the small German child who keeps dressing up as Hitler.

But if you still haven’t had enough, what other movies like Eurotrip are there?


What Are Some Films Similar to Eurotrip

‘Road Trip’ (Todd Phillips, 2000)

“The greatest college tradition of all…”

First, a movie which is so similar, they only tried to change one word in the title. Here, we have a college student who is heading to his girlfriend’s college in a desperate attempt to intercept an incriminating video.

He has a collection of misfit friends who are coming along for the ride, and you can more or less guess what’s going to happen next.

It’s the same kind of humour and the same setting – it’s virtually the same damn script.

‘American Pie’ (Paul Weitz, 1999)

“There’s something about your first piece…”

Another gross-out comedy all about teenagers trying to have sex. This time, they have a deadline – they’re all desperately trying to pop their respective cherries before Prom night.

This is the movie which wrote the book about how this kind of comedy should be made. Throw in some scenes of teenage embarrassment, add a collection of quirky characters and a whole lot of unnecessary nudity – and you’re all set.

It’s the movie than ensured Jason Biggs would always be remembered for doing something unnatural with a pie.

‘Superbad’ (Greg Mottola, 2007)

“We could be that mistake!”

The films we’ve looked at so far all go for the lowest of the low in terms of common denominators. So, let’s try and take that tone up a notch – although not exactly that far.

Superbad is pretty much the same deal. A couple of high school students are trying to lose their virginity before they head off to College. However, in this, we have the likes of Michael Cera, who has been in proper films involving acting and everything. So, you can expect something a little more sophisticated – although not by much.

Don’t forget to check out these other movies like ‘Superbad’ as well.

It’s the same story, but the humour’s a tiny bit more grown up.

‘There’s Something About Mary’ (Bobby and Peter Farrelly, 1997)

“There’s nothing like first love…”

The Farrelly Brothers do this kind of film better than almost anyone else. In this classic from the 90s, Ben Stiller is tracking down his old high school sweetheart Mary, played by Cameron Diaz. The problem is, he’s got plenty of competition.

Will she still be everything he remembered and, if so, can he elevate himself above the other band of deviants vying for her affections?

A great film that is remembered for two scenes; one involving some hairgel and the other involving a zip. Both will make you wince and cringe.

If You Liked Eurotrip, You Will Also like…

So, there you have it – four great movies which will appeal to the 12-year-old trapped inside of us all. But if you want some more, here are some other movies like Eurotrip from years gone by which show this type of movie is nothing new.

‘National Lampoons Family Vacation’ (Harold Ramis, 1983)

“The Griswold family are on vacation…”

Chevy Chase doesn’t get into the movies much these days, which many people would see as a good thing, but back in the 80s, he was pretty much unavoidable.

Here he is with his family on a trip around Europe. Cue a lot of stereotypes, boob jokes, and stuff basically going wrong.

Not one to engage your brain but it does have some good moments and a few cameos when they get to Britain.

‘The Sure Thing’ (Rob Reiner, 1985)

“You’re flunking English – that’s your mother tongue.”

This could be seen as one of the ancestors of Eurotrip. Here, we have John Cusack as a bit of a waster who is off to a friend’s college on the promise of sex.

He’s sharing a car with Daphne Zuniga, the archetypal straight-laced high achiever. Could it be that they will both get over their initial mutual animosity and something wonderful might happen? Who can say…

A fun film and, although it’s lighter on the bum jokes than Eurotrip it still paved the way.


Let’s Go for a Ride

None of these films are going to tax your mind too much, but then again, they never pretend to be anything else. They’re just the kind of film you might like if you want to sit back, have a drink and a few laughs.
There are, of course, many others like this, and we’d like to hear all about your favourites.
Let us know about them in the comments section below.
These days Tom Cropper is normally found writing about money and ethical issues and finance for people like Go Compare and the Guardian. However, he started his career many years ago writing about film for a small and sadly defunct indie paper called the Soho Independent. Since then he’s written for various movie websites and, when he’s not trying to explain the nuances of insurance to people spends his time trying to dig out obscure movies from far flung parts of the world.
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