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5 Movies like Dead Man Walking: Tales from Death Row

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Dale Barham itcherMovies like ‘Dead Man Walking’ are the type of movies you don’t forget in a hurry. They take a scrutinizing and often harrowing look at life on death row, considering the choices people have made to get there. Not only that, they also suggest that these people could actually be innocent and face being killed for something they didn’t do. In all honesty, I can’t think of anything more horrifying or gripping as these next suggestions. ~ Dale Barham

This article recommends an underrated title, a must-see title, an unknown title, an ‘if you like, you will like’ title and an unexpected title so you have different options when it comes to choosing your next movie to watch.

Movies Similar to ‘Dead Man Walking’

1. Underrated

‘True Crime’ (Clint Eastwood, 1999)

Easily one of the best death penalty stories put to film (but still hugely underrated), ‘True Crime’ sees Clint Eastwood play a journalist who discovers a man sentenced to death may actually be innocent. In a race against the clock, he must find concrete proof and get it to the authorities before the man in question is executed.

Similarity Match: 85%
A real edge-of-your-seat thriller which never stops for a second!


2. Must-See

‘The Life of David Gale’ (Alan Parker, 2003)

Kevin Spacey stars in this gripping movie about a passionate activist against the death penalty who faces that very thing when he’s found guilty of raping and murdering a fellow protestor. It’s up to journalist Kate Winslet to find the information that’ll set him free.

The movie lays its message on a bit thick at times, but there’s no getting away from the ethical and moral issues it raises.

Similarity Match: 90%
Hard-htting proof that the truth isn’t always black and white.


3. Unknown

‘Last Dance’ (Bruce Beresford, 1996)

‘Last Dance’ tells the story of a young lawyer who takes the clemency case of a woman who’s been sentenced to death. As the date of her execution approaches, the two form something off an unlikely and intense friendship, while newfound errors in her trial seem to suggest she shouldn’t be in prison in the first place.

While the movie gets a little cliche in places, it’s held together by two terrific central performances from Sharon Stone and Rob Morrow.

Similarity Match: 85%
Riveting performances make for a compelling death penalty gem.


4. If You Like ‘Dead Man Walking’, You Will Like

‘The Thin Blue Line’ (Errol Morris, 1988)

If you’re in the mood for a death penalty documentary, look no further than the incredible ‘The Thin Blue Line’. The movie tells the story of a man from Texas who was accused and found guilty of killing a police officer, even though he had nothing to do with it.

What is truly amazing is that the documentary actually went some way towards proving his innocence and actually saved him being executed.

Let’s hope the Netflix documentary ‘Making a Murderer’ has a similar effect!

Similarity Match: 75%
A gripping look at the shortcomings of the justice system.


5. Unexpected

‘Shocker’ (Wes Craven, 1989)

Wes Craven injects his typical ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ style of horror fun to this entertaining creepfest. It’s the story of a killer who is executed, but thanks to a deal with the devil, is able to come back and possess other people’s bodies to continue his indulging in his murderous tendencies.

It’s a bit campy, but get a group of friends together and you’ll have a great time with this one.

Similarity Match: 60%
Not even death can stop the most committed of murderers from doing what they love!


Over to You

There you have it, five films like ‘Dead Man Walking’ that focus on the terrifying prospect of facing the death penalty. It takes a certain character to stand strong in the face of certain death, especially if they aren’t mean to be there in the first place!

Can you think of another movie like ‘Dead Man Walking’ that you’d recommend?

Let know in the comments section below!

Hi, I’m Dale and I’m a Blu-Ray addict. When I’m not obsessively fixating over the ever-growing mountain of movies taking up most of the front room, I’m usually writing about all things Hollywood. Go figure, huh? If I’m not glued to the television watching ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ for the billionth time, you can probably find me crooning in my hard-rocking blues band or having inane conversations with the resident cats.
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