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5 Movies like College: Student Hijinks

JoshForget studying! College is a time for partying and having fun. At least, that’s what these movies like ‘College’ would like you to think.

College can be an awkward time for many, but these films follow the hijinks of students who put studying on the back burner to party hard and have fun.

For more throwbacks to the college years, check out these five recommendations. ~ Josh Sammons

Movies Similar to ‘College’

We hope you enjoy this article and its different recommendation options. Be enchanted by hidden gems you may have never heard of before and (re)discover unmissable classics.



‘Van Wilder’ (Walt Becker, 2002)

We start with the film that launched the career of Ryan Reynolds, ‘Van Wilder’.

Life for Van is perfect, sure he’s been at college for seven years, but he’s the go to guy. Whenever anyone wants a party, he’s the man.

His hectic party lifestyle is thrown into further chaos with the introduction of young journalist Gwen Pearson (Tara Reid) who makes him question his life.

The film is full of genuine laughs and Reynolds steals the show as the cocky (but loveable) Wilder.


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Is the partyman about to grow up?



‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’ (John Landis, 1978)

Before ‘American Pie‘ was grossing us out in the 90s, and even before the nerds were getting their revenge in the 80s, there was one film that represented the life of the young and the restless – ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’.

In this landmark comedy, two socially awkward college freshmen get caught up in a fraternity war after being rejected from a snooty party and joining the Delta Tau Chi House, which is full of party-loving students.

When they’re not fighting the other frats, the Delta Tau Chi House find themselves in a battle of wits with the college Dean who looks to debunk their party for good.

This comedy is brought to life thanks to a star turn from the always great John Belushi.


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"Toga, Toga, TOGA!"



‘Accepted’ (Steve Pink, 2006)

Though it wasn’t released to a very big audience, ‘Accepted’ is a movie like ‘College’ that should appeal to the young masses.

Justin Long stars as Bartleby Gaines, an ambitious teen who finds his choices for college reduced to 0 after being rejected a number of times.

Not letting this become a problem, he decides to create his own in an attempt to please his parents. But when other teens rejected from college catch wind of this, they turn up at his door. This kickstarts a series of events that will define the student’s life forever.


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He just wants to be accepted.



‘Monsters University’ (Dan Scanlon, 2013)

Lovable monsters, Mike and Sully, return for more spooky delights in a whole new surrounding.

Before their adventures with Boo in the first film, Mike and Sully were reluctant friends at University, thrown together after being kicked out of an Elite Scare Program.

Along with a bunch of other misfits, the two look to work together to prove their worth at the university.

Though it doesn’t reach the heights of ‘Monsters Inc.’, this animated treat should prove to keep viewers of young and old happy.


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Before the scares there was university.


If You Like ‘College’, You Will Like

‘American Pie Presents: Beta House’ (Andrew Waller, 2007)

Though the original gang are long gone, the ‘American Pie’ series was still thriving thanks to its familar concept of awkward teen encounters.

In this third spin-off, three friends look set to join the esteemed Beta House fraternity that is headed by a Stiffler. But their life of partying is in for a rude awakening, thanks to their rivalry with a nerdy frat that looks to shut them down.

Not resting on their laurels, the frats look to enter into a long since banned series of games that will define whose side gets the bragging rights.


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Yes, 'American Pie' is still going.


Over to You

These are my recommendations for films like ‘College’. What are your favourite student based movies?

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