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6 Movies like Cast Away: Anybody out There?

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Ami Brown ItcherBeing stranded all alone in the middle of the ocean is a nightmare for anyone. Cast Away is one of the best examples of self-preservation, endurance, and survival ever brought to the big screen. A few other epic survival movies like Cast Away I recommend are, I am Legend, 127 Hours and Gravity. ~ Ami Brown

Survival of the Fittest!

One of Tom Hanks’ most impressive performances, Castaway is the extraordinary tale of a Fed Ex worker who’s stranded alone on a deserted island after a horrific plane crash. He not only survives, but he escapes the island on a large raft he constructs out of trees and branches.
 I found a few other films similar to Cast Away that are amazing stories of survival and overcoming extreme circumstances.

Movies Similar to ‘Cast Away’…

‘127 Hours’ (Danny Boyle, 2010)

This is the true story of an adventure seeking enthusiast, Aron Ralston, who climbs into a tight canyon in the middle of nowhere Utah, and becomes trapped by a boulder. 

Based on actual events, he is only armed with his handicam, a pocket knife, and a small bit of water to survive. James Franco delivers one of his best performances to date in this one. Not for the faint of heart for sure, but definitely one to watch.

Similarity Match: 90%
Both these stories are amazing tales of bravery and survival, but this one really touches a nerve .

‘Gravity’ (Alfonso Cuarón, 2013)

Gravity is more of an experience than a movie. You are sucked into the vastness of outer space at the get go. Adrenaline pumps as you watch every nail biting minute. Very few films are this intense and play out in a real time sequence.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are essentially the only two actors in this whole movie and really bring their characters to life.  The special effects go without saying.

This won several awards, including best picture nomination.

If you liked this movie too, why not also check out these other great science fiction movies like ‘Gravity’.

Similarity Match: 85%
These films focus on survival and physical endurance, this one, however, happens in space where the stakes are much higher and the slightest mistake would mean instant death.

‘I am Legend’ (Francis Lawrence, 2007)

Will Smith plays a research scientist who may be the last man on earth in I am Legend, but this movie sets the bar for surviving a zombie apocalypse. With booby traps and crazy street scenes of an abandoned NYC, this film is set after a zombie virus has infected most of the world’s population. 

You get the back story through his flashbacks and dreams, which is a nice contrast. This movie has some nail-biting moments, too, and a few jump scares to keep you on your toes.

Similarity Match: 80%
Lonely characters both fight for survival, while Cast Away is set on a remote island, this is quite the opposite, set in the middle of New York City.


If You like ‘Cast Away’, You Will like…

I’ve chosen a few other movies like Cast Away, full of adventure, heroic plans and overcoming extreme hardship. These films have that strong survival spirit and are sure to have you holding your breath as you watch. These films also include focus on team work, instead of just a one man show.

‘Captain Phillips’ (Paul Greengrass, 2013)

Another true story and incredible tale of Captain Phillips’ cargo ship gets hijacked by Somali pirates. His crew must all pull together to fight the enemy, but in the end, Captain Phillips is the real hero, risking his life to save his crew.

There is a scene at the end that will have you bawling as Tom Hanks brings out the acting chops like I’ve never seen. Amazing story, you have to watch this one!

Tom Hanks is brilliant in both films, but his Captain Phillips character struck a chord with me, and I have to place it on top.

‘Unbroken’ (Angelina Jolie, 2014)

Super Mom, Angelina Jolie, not only can act, but can direct like a pro as well. I was in awe of this true story of strength and courage. Louis Zamperini, a man with nine lives, ran in the 1936 Olympics and then enlisted in the US Army during WWII. 

He survived a horrible plane crash and was stranded in the middle of the ocean for 47 days. He was captured and tortured in a Japanese POW camp, a story almost too incredible to be true. And you think you’re having a bad day?

The name Unbroken says it all, an inspiring story you have to see to believe.

These films are both masterpieces of surviving the odds, but this one is truly unbelievable.

‘The Grey’ (Joe Carnahan, 2011)

The Grey is another film like Cast Away I’d like to recommend. Liam Neeson will find you and will kill you, but not in this film. After his plane crashes, he must lead the survivors out of the wilderness while fighting off a hungry pack of wolves.

He’s like the arctic MacGyver, using tools as weapons to defend himself and to survive the harsh Alaskan wilderness. This man versus nature film is sure to please.

While both these movies begin with horrific plane crashes, The Grey takes place in an icy Alaskan tundra, where Cast Away is set in a tropical paradise.


Be Prepared!

If these movies teach us anything, it’s always be prepared and to have a survival kit handy at all times. Those are my top recommendations of films similar to Cast Away.

If you enjoy great nail biters, intense action and have a soft spot for the hero – then these are some films you need to watch.

Do you have another great survival movie like Cast Away you’d like to recommend?
If so, I’d love to read about it in the comments below.
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