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5 Movies like A Good Year: Inspiring Travel Stories
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5 Movies like A Good Year: Inspiring Travel Stories

JoshRussell Crowe and Ridley Scott ditch their usual macho-style of films (‘Gladiator’) and take the surprising leap into sweet romantic comedy for ‘A Good Year’.

The film sees Crowe’s character travelling to France where he embarks on a soul-searching trip after being left a Vinyard from his uncle.

For more inspiring travel stories, check out these movies like ‘A Good Year’ that will leave you wanting a sunny holiday experinence of your own. ~ Josh Sammons

Movies Similar to ‘A Good Year’

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‘Big Fish’ (Tim Burton, 2003)

Staying put in America, this inspiring travel story fast become one of my favourite films from the filmography of Tim Burton.

Ewan McGregor stars as Edward Bloom, a cynical man who has grown up listening to his father’s larger-than-life tales.

After his father’s death, Bloom sets out on a cross-country adventure, which sees him encountering a number of colourful characters as he bids to uncover whether the stories were real or not.


Similarity Match

A feel-good tale packed full of magic.



‘Y Tu Mamá También’ (Alfonso Cuarón, 2001)

This coming-of-age tale follows two friends as they embark on a life changing road trip that holds massive consequences for their friendship.

In one of his earlier films, director Alfonso Cuarón (‘Gravity’) explores the themes of adulthood, as well as tragedy, loss and friendship.

Like most their age, teens Julio and Tenoch have one thing on their mind- sex. Their carefree lifestyle, however, is about to change with the introduction of a much older, seductive woman who joins them on their journey.

Set across Mexico, ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ is a beautifully shot, coming-of-age tale that should resonate in the inner youngsters in all of us.


Similarity Match

A coming-of-age road based movie.



‘Seven Years in Tibet’ (Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1997)

Brad Pitt goes for some soul searching of his own in this most forgotten drama, which sees him travelling to Tibet for a life changing journey.

Pitt stars as Heinrich Harrer, a young Austrian mountain climber who strikes up a life changing friendship with the young Dalai Lama during an important time in Tibet’s history.

This spiritual journey film may not be one of the ‘Fight Club’ stars best known films but this true life story makes for an interesting watch.


Similarity Match

A spiritual journey based on a true story.



‘The Darjeeling Limited’ (Wes Anderson, 2007)

Wes Anderson once again brings his peculiar and original vision to another fine ensemble comedy, this time with the train set, ‘The Darjeeling Limited’.

Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody and Jason Schwartzman stars as three estranged brothers, reunited for a cross-country train ride across India in order to bond.

Their differences soon begin to creep in and look to threaten their relationship once again, after not speaking for a year after the death of their father. Whilst they bicker, they soon learn the real reason behind the journey, which could prove disastrous.


Similarity Match

Another visionary classic from Anderson.


If You Like ‘A Good Year’, You Will Like

‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ (Audrey Wells, 2003)

This movie like ‘A Good Year’ follows a similar premise that sees a character uprooted and moved to a beautiful villaige in Europe.

Diane Lane stars as Frances Mayes, a woman trying to recover from the news of her husbands cheating habbits.

After taking some advice from her friends, she decides to travel to Italy where, on a limb, she buys a villa. Life in the beautiful village proves difficult to adjust to at first, though the locals will make sure to help he settle in.


Similarity Match

A beautifully shot Italian set romantic comedy.


Over to You

Here are my films like ‘A Good Year’. Can you think of any other inspiring travel tales?

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