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Newsletter 41

laura_itcher_contributerHey guys (writers, techies & just anybody who is interested in what’s happening at itcher) :)

One day early, but here’s what happened this week at itcher.

Thursday 14 May 2015

itcher Updates

Some more bug testing was in order today. What’s the result? There are less and less.

itcher Mag Updates

We’re very happy with the quality of the articles we’re publishing on our magazine, we think they’re getting better and better and writers as well as publishers should all be very proud of themselves.

Our Favourite itcher Mag Articles of the Week:

‘Games like FTL: Faster than Light’ by Mason Hoberg
Faster Than Light is an amazing sci-fi experience for tactical gamers. This is a chance to dive into similar games.

‘Four Wondrous Book Recommendations If You Believe in the Impossible’ by Cathal M.
This selection of books proves that it is possible to go far beyond the impossible in literature; an invitation to wander around parallel dimensions and see magic creatures.

‘An Alt Rock Atlas – Exploring Indie Music around the Globe’ by Jonny Sweet
Follow Jonny in his musical trip around the Globe. An overview of the indie scene of different countries.

‘Noir Movies to Watch When It’s Raining Outside’ by Andy Mckendry
A hint of classic movies and a hint of noir build up the mood for this watchlist. A delightful selection for rainy days.

Winner Hero Shot

Every week we pick the hero shot we liked best and tell you why. This one is from the article ‘Bands like the Arctic Monkeys: Northern Monkeys with Indie Riffs and Poetic Twists’ by Charlotte H:

Hero Shot

“Distinct vocals, indie roots and rockabilly soul define this band. The Arctic Monkeys radiate bright and colourful vibes.”

Have a good weekend, you’ll hear from me again next week and I’m sure there will be more updates than this week :)


My biggest passions are music and my flatmate′s kitten (Lola), who keeps biting my toes but I love her nonetheless. I′ve been working at itcher for a while now and have been infected by Patri′s SEO bug.
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