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Newsletter 40

laura_itcher_contributerHey guys (writers, techies & just anybody who is interested in what’s happening at itcher) :)

Let me give you the quick overview of this past itcher week.

Friday 8 May 2015

itcher Updates

Same old, same old… bug fixing :)

itcher Mag Updates

First of all, a special thanks to our amazing publishers Noli and Rony, who managed to publish 51 articles even though this week only had 4 work days because of the Bank Holiday on Monday.

We’re starting to look for writers for a hub of articles about books for children (unknown ones, of course, because most of us already know about Pipi Longstocking and Matilda). More details next week.

Our Favourite itcher Mag Articles of the Week:

‘9 Games like Clash of Clans: For All Your Strategic Needs’ by Zoey Hughes
This articles provides new pastures for the ‘Clash of Clans’ devoted fanbase.

‘Best Swedish Female Crime Fiction Authors: The Swedish Wear the Bloody Crown!’ by Efi Manioti
Very dark, engaging reads with a Swedish signature.

‘Great Canadian Female Jazz Singers – Northern Stars’ by Sunday Simmons
We love these insights on jazz with female voice and Canadian accent.

‘Great Spoof Movies like Austin Powers – Shagadelic Cinema’ by Jonny Sweet
Here are some movies to just feel ‘baby, randy, baby, yeah’ – absolutely perfect entertainment.

Winner Hero Shot

Every week we pick the hero shot we liked best and tell you why. This one is from the article ‘Games like Mafia 2: Giving You Suggestions You Can’t Refuse’ by Mason Hoberg:

Mafia 2

“Scenery, weather, props… every detail builds towards the completed whole: the amazing atmosphere that you can expect playing the game.

Paola’s Podcast

Listen to Paola’s latest podcast with the founders of the London film club ‘Bright Young Things’, Bridget and Fatima, and get some genre-defying movie recommendations.


Have I mentioned our Instagram account yet? Check it out @itcher.offical – quotes, fun facts and great pics all around!

Have a good weekend, you’ll hear from me again next week :)


My biggest passions are music and my flatmate′s kitten (Lola), who keeps biting my toes but I love her nonetheless. I′ve been working at itcher for a while now and have been infected by Patri′s SEO bug.
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