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Newsletter 39

laura_itcher_contributerHey guys (writers, techies & just anybody who is interested in what’s happening at itcher) :)

There’s only one number that can describe this week – 67.

Friday 1 May 2015

itcher Updates

A new front end developer joined the itcher team – welcome Mirabela!

Finally some girl power in the tech team!

itcher Mag Updates

We’re still looking for more writers; ‘bands like […]’, ‘great unknown books’ and, as always, ‘movies like […]’, our mag will get even more great content.

Have you been wondering what I was talking about when mentioning the number 67? Okay, I’ll tell you: It’s the number of articles we published this week. This deserves a huge applause for everybody involved, writers as well as publishers and everyone in between. We’re super proud, especially since I can still remember how, only a couple of months ago, we were struggling with 20.

Our Favourite itcher Mag Articles of the Week:

‘The Best 3 Cinematic Trailers in MMO Games: A Portal into a World’ by James Brindley
It perfectly highlights how the gaming industry is producing more and more beautiful work with the advancing of technology.

‘Review of ‘Spice’ (Scarlet Smith, 2015)’ by Helen Maloney
It’s always good to get to know in more detail about books that you might not have heard about before, so that you can judge whether you would like them or not.

‘Bands like Smashing Pumpkins: Emotionally Dynamic Rockers’ by Michael Taylor
It’s interesting to listen to music that can vary in melody and tempo so much within the same songs.

‘Movies like Big Eyes: Quirky Eccentric Biopics’ by Michael Taylor
Each of these movies differs in tone and the directors have managed to capture the lives of such different people.

Winner Hero Shot

Every week we pick the hero shot we liked best and tell you why. This one is from the article ‘Movies like Funny Games: Unsettling Cinema’ by Andy Mackendry:

hero shot

“Sometimes, the most mnimalistic images tell the biggest stories.

Kerry’s Youtube Corner

This week for you: ‘Movies like Leap Year’

Paola’s Podcast

Listen to Paola’s latest podcast with Esin Huseyin about the London Book Club here:


Jonny’s article ‘The Best Alternative Rock Bands from Boston – Massachusetts Melodies’ keeps getting shares on Facebook and has only been published last week. We’re at more than 600 now. Don’t believe me?


Thanks again to all the writers tweeting and re-tweeting itcher stuff – sharing is caring :)

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, until next week!


My biggest passions are music and my flatmate′s kitten (Lola), who keeps biting my toes but I love her nonetheless. I′ve been working at itcher for a while now and have been infected by Patri′s SEO bug.
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