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Looking for Great Books Like The Hunger Games?

Helen Maloney itcherThe Host, Divergent and The Running Man are only some of the fiction books that are similar to The Hunger Games. ~ Helen Maloney

`The Hunger Games´ brought dystopian fiction to the forefront again, bringing with it old classics and new favourites

If you’ve just finished reading the series or are looking for something to read next, then look no further than our list of great books like The Hunger Games !

What Are Some Good Books like The Hunger Games?

toppic_books_2The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins launched itself into our lives in 2008 and we’ve not been able to let go of it, or the rest of the trilogy, since.

But what is that makes The Hunger Games, Catching Fire (2009) and Mockingjay (2010) so unputdownable?

Is it the super strong yet vulnerable heroine, the atrocities that take place during the games, the brave heroes, or the rebellion? And how do you find something to read next?!

What other great books like The Hunger Games could there be?

`Divergent´ (Veronica Roth, 2011)


By now, practically everyone has heard of Divergent and its heroine Tris.

There are many similarities between `The Hunger Games´ and `Divergent´, which may be why it leaped to fame and Hollywood’s notice

We have a strong yet vulnerable heroine, who doesn’t seem to understand her strength and power (like Katniss) – she also appears to be surprised by the blossoming romance between her and the lead hero, like Katniss’ struggle with her appeal; a secret unknown to the majority of civilians; a rebellion; and of course a dystopian society where people are organized into communities – factions in this case, rather than districts.

Already read the books? How about you watch the movie? What, you’ve seen that one too? Then I’m sure you’ll like this great selection of similar films, picked for you by Jane Howarth and Laura Suzanne Light.

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`The Host´  (Stephanie Meyer, 2008)


The Host´  Stephanie MeyerThe Hostis technically a dystopian novel, as it describes a future society where what it means to be human is being suppressed by our extra-terrestrial visitors, even though with the presence of aliens you might be more inclined to think of it as Sci-Fi.

Again, we have another strong female lead (or two), determined to protect those she loves.

There’s the brave heroes they love, who love her back, and fight beside her.

There’s less death, destruction and poverty than in The Hunger Games but these themes are still there, along with the overriding question of what it means to be human.

The Host’s is a quiet rebellion, both within Melanie and society as a whole.

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`The Running Man´ (Richard Bachman a.k.a. Stephen King, 1985)


The Running ManGetting a bit bored of rebellion? How about another lethal game devised by a corrupt government instead?

The Running Man has such a game, where contestants are declared enemies of the state and they have to escape capture by Hunters.

If they manage this feat then they win $100 billion, which Ben Richards’ family, among thousands of others, desperately needs as a result of economic collapse. Of course, a corrupt government doesn’t help matters.

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`The Wind Singer´ (William Nicholson, 2000)


The Wind Singer´ William NicholsonSo, you’ve read the Divergent trilogy, spent time with Wanderer from The Host, and you’re wondering what other good books like The Hunger Games you could read next. The Wind Singer might just be your next one.

Despite my reading this years before The Hunger Games and Divergent, I couldn’t help but remember The Wind Singer with its colour classifications, endless exams and ratings, which the government use to determine where you live and what job you do.

The Hath family end up saving the city and inspiring a rebellion – all starting from Kestral Hath’s decision to defy the system.

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Does Dystopian Fiction Ring Your Bell?

Did you go gaga over The Hunger Games and Divergent?Is dystopian fiction your new obsession? If so, and you’ve read any of the books recommended, please share your opinion on them: what you liked or didn’t like about them, etc.

Do you have other dystopian novels to recommend to our readers or other novels that are similar to The Hunger Games that you think we and others should read?

Then let us know about some more good books like The Hunger Games.

Happy Reading!

Please, leave your comments below.


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