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Two Great Artists to Workout to – Gym Bunnies, Listen Up!

Kerry Provenzano itcherReady to hit the gym? Looking for great artists to workout to? Take Rudimental’s album ‘Home’ with you, alongside Clean Bandit’s album ‘New Eyes’. ~ Kerry Provenzano
I enjoy a little workout every now and again (okay, not as much as I should), but I don’t always have time to create a playlist as long as my arm. Sometimes I don’t want a complicated workout playlist, I want  good gym workout albums – one I can just stick on and start sweating to (attractive stuff, this burning off cheesecake melarky).

So I’m going to presume you don’t have days on end to construct a playlist, I’m going to presume you’re a busy body who just about has time for a workout!

Let’s look at two great albums to workout to at the gym, to save you from faffing around creating an entire playlist from scratch.

Here they are: two great albums to workout to:

1. `Home´ (Rudimental, 2013)

Why I chose it:

It’s beaty, it’s feel good and it makes you kinda wanna fist pump as you workout (not recommended, that’s how black eyes happen).

What’s good about it:

It’ll keep you motivated and keep you on top of your game with minimum flailing.

How long it lasts:

52 mins 13 seconds

Type of workout/beat:

Perfect for running. The first song has a slightly more relaxed beat so you can start with a powerwalk and as the songs progress you can alternate between walks, jogs, runs and sprints.

2. `New Eyes´ (Clean Bandit, 2014)

Why I chose it:

Catchy beats and catchy lyrics mean you’ll be miming your heart out as you get cracking on that abs work out

What’s good about it:

It has quite a few repetitive melodies which give you that go power you need when you’re doing your sit up reps.

How long it lasts:

48 mins 26 seconds

Type of workout/beat:

Perfect for sit ups, press ups, reverse lunges and any other repetitive muscle strengthening.

The repetition of the beat will help you keep in time with what you should be doing and it means you stay working out at a steady pace without slowing down. The good thing is the beats aren’t too quick so you shouldn’t tire too quickly.


So, there you have it

The best albums to take to the gym after a night or five of incessant brownie consumption (let’s face it, we’ve all been there).

Your head will be bobbing away as you power through your work out and will come out of that gym feeling like a new person! (Which you will be – you’ll be the person who sings aloud to their music while everyone else stares on in bewilderment).

Happy working out!

Any Suggestions?

Please, leave your comments below!


Hey, I’m Kerry. I began writing aged 4, when I wrote a moving retelling of the classic fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk.
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