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5 Beautiful Games like The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time: So Many Temples, so Little Time
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5 Beautiful Games like The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time: So Many Temples, so Little Time

Zoey HughesThe ‘Mushroom Men’ series is full of games like ‘Ocarina of Time’, but in a comical world of anthropomorphic plants. If you just want the closest thing you can find, then ‘Starfox Adventures’ is a sci-fi themed alternative that is very close indeed. ~ Zoey Hughes

A Bona Fide Classic

I am constantly on the lookout for a game like ‘Ocarina of Time’. It’s one of my all-time favourite games and, unsurprisingly, I’ve never found a game to top it. But I have found many similar games that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless.

They may not have a cult-following level of brilliance, but such a thing comes along very rarely. So check your expectations, but be prepared for a plethora of great adventures that will make you forget your real life in no time.


Games Similar to ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’…

‘Starfox Adventures’ (Rare, 2002)

In a move that screams ‘Zelda’ rip-off you’ll need to explore the Force Point Temples…

‘Starfox’ is a series of shooter games that is in no way similar to ‘Zelda’. Except for ‘Starfox Adventures’. Coming out after the massive success of ‘Ocarina of Time’, this game was a complete departure from the rest of the series, concentrating on ‘Ocarina’ style combat and platforming.

The combat and puzzles may be in the same style, but the game’s setup is definitely different. Fox McCloud (that’s Mr Starfox to you) arrives at Sauria, a dinosaur planet, and sets out to save it from destruction. Despite usually being armed with a gun, most of the combat is melee based, just as in ‘Ocarina’. As you progress, you’ll be able to shoot projectiles and even freeze enemies, just like the ice arrows.

In a move that screams ‘Zelda’ rip-off, you’ll need to explore the Force Point Temples. Not the tri-force temples you’ll understand, but the Force Point Temples.

It may emulate ‘Zelda’ a little too closely and have nothing to do with the rest of the series, but it’s still very enjoyable to play; especially if you’re looking to relive the same sort of gameplay as ‘Ocarina’. The only drawback is that you’ll need to find a GameCube to play it on. Time to go shopping!

Similarity Match: 90%
The combat and platforming in both games are so close they could almost be interchangeable. ‘Starfox Adventures’ stars a fox on a dinosaur planet though.

‘Mushroom Men’ Series (Red Fly Studios, 2008 onwards)

It’s a mix that is exactly as similar to ‘Ocarina of Time’ as it sounds…

Imagine, if you will, that Link is an anthropomorphic mushroom and that Hyrule is a trailer park. If you’ve successfully imagined that, then you’re on board to play the under-rated series ‘Mushroom Men’.

A comet crashes to Earth and leaves weird space dust all over the place. Although it has no effect on people, it gives all floras, faunas and fungi sentience.

You play a mushroom who has yet to find his place in the new society. After discovering a fiendish plot to take over the world, he steps up to save all of plant-kind. Break it down and you’ve got a young loner who steps up to save everyone around him. Bingo, now it sounds like ‘Zelda’.

The gameplay is made of a combination of combat (mainly slashing and stabbing enemies), platforming and solving puzzles. It’s a mix that is as similar to ‘Ocarina of Time’ as it sounds. And in all the right ways.

Unlike ‘Ocarina’, you won’t have weapons or be able to purchase them. Instead, you will use items you find in the environment. Given your small stature, you can get creative using popsicle sticks, DS styluses and anything else that looks the right size.

Similarity Match: 80%
Both games combine platforming and 3D action in a bid to save the world. But did I mention the protagonist in this one is a sentient mushroom?

‘God of War’ Series (SCE Santa Monica Studio, 2005 onwards)

Once again you have a mighty sword coupled with some projectiles and elemental attacks…

This action-adventure series also has puzzle elements (box puzzles included) and plenty of platforming just like ‘Ocarina’. It also features epic boss battles that would have had Ganondorf quaking in his boots.

‘God of War’ has a more grown-up feel to it. The bright colours from ‘Ocarina’ will be seen very rarely, the story is based around Greek mythology and the whole tale is just a bit bleaker.

Forget about being the little adventurer; in this series you play a warrior of the gods, forced to carry out their wishes.

Once again you have a mighty sword coupled with some projectiles and elemental attacks. You’ll be using them slightly differently though, as the combat is more about combos than it is about timing. It’s not dissimilar to ‘Devil may Cry’, but not as complex, thank goodness!

Similarity Match: 75%
Both games feature platforming and box puzzles, but this action-adventure uses combo-focused combat.


If You Like ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’, You Will Like…

There are two directions to take from here: You can supersize the ‘Zelda’ experience in all directions and check out some fantastic sprawling lands, or you can stay closer to home and enjoy a journey through the ages to see how we came to play ‘Ocarina of Time’.

Of course, you could always go both ways…

‘Evoland’ (Shiro Games, 2013)

‘Evoland’ is a love letter to the big time-tested franchises, focusing in particular on ‘Zelda’ and ‘Final Fantasy’. It starts as a 2D basic video game from yesteryear, but with each level you get closer to modern day gaming.

As you progress, you’ll see references aplenty to ‘Zelda’ in general, and once you get to the 3D era to ‘Ocarina of Time’ in particular. The lead character even looks suspiciously like our Link. If you’ve watched how video games developed over the years, you will love this.

At the start ‘Evoland’ is 2D and far more basic than ‘Ocarina of Time’, but as you progress you’ll get to segments that are 3D and styled to match ‘OoT’.

‘Elder Scrolls’ Series (Bethesda, 1994 onwards)

You may think I’m barmy for recommending ‘Elder Scrolls’, but hear me out. If you love the many side-quests in ‘Ocarina of Time’, you like travelling around Hyrule, and you love a good dungeon, then this is a good match for you.

I won’t lie. Everything is on a far more epic scale than ‘Ocarina’ and it’s more of an RPG than you’ll be used to, but there are enough parallels to make me think that it’ll be worth your time.

My top tip to make it more similar is a little sneaky. Somewhere in the menus you’ll find a slide-able difficulty bar. Put it right near the bottom and you can forget the complexities of battle and play it more like ‘Ocarina’. You’re welcome.

Dungeons and side-quests play a big part in both and you’ll have a faithful horse in ‘Elder Scrolls’ too, but everything is considerably bigger including the world.

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Zoey’s Verdict

‘Ocarina of Time’ was a moment of video game perfection that is rarely seen, but I really think that you can have nearly as much fun with some of these games.

‘Mushroom Men’ may be silly, but it’s all good clean fun. As a long-term gamer I love games that show the progression of games so ‘Evoland’ has got to be my top-pick. It may not just be ‘Ocarina of Time’, but there’s a lot of the ‘Zelda’ series in there, and I shan’t complain about that!

If you’ve found another ‘Ocarina of Time’ alternative or if you’ve just had a good experience with one of my recommendations, jot me a note in the comments.

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