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5 Games like Final Fantasy X: Old Tropes, New Style

Natasha Evette itcherSquare Enix incorporated many new, exciting features in ‘Final Fantasy X’, revolutionizing this long standing series of games. The experiments with skeletal animation technology, voice acting and the conditional turn based battle system gave a long needed injection of transition that molded ‘Final Fantasy’ into what it is today. Let’s look at games like ‘Final Fantasy X’ that may interest you. ~ Natasha Evette

Listen to My Story

‘Final Fantasy X’ is about a group of adventurers as they journey to take down the world’s scourge: Sin, an immortal, huge monster that rampages the ocean, killing all in its path.

Some of the features that I think make ‘Final Fantasy X’ a game to love are: The ambiguously sad ending, the main female character (Yuna), the storytelling method and the themes raised such as religion, grief and the meaning of life. This is what I’ll be looking for when thinking of a game like ‘Final Fantasy X’, as well as the combat style and graphics.


Games Similar to ‘Final Fantasy X’…

‘The Legend of the Dragoon’ (Sony Interactive Entertainment, 1999)

Dart arrives back to his hometown after a five year journey of hunting the monster that killed his parents and destroyed his city. When he arrives he finds it destroyed and his childhood friend kidnapped.

‘The Legend of the Dragoon’ will probably remind you more of ‘Final Fantasy VII’. The graphics and the combat system are strikingly similar to each other at first glance, where ‘Final Fantasy X’ is more advanced in both ways. ‘The Legend of the Dragoon’ requires more than average input from the player, and this is one thing that received mixed feedback as some thought it was too difficult.

However, there are strong character personality similarities, even though this could be put down to JRPG tropes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it nonetheless if you’re looking for a game like ‘Final Fantasy X’.

Similarity Match: 75%
‘The Legend of the Dragoon’ may be dwarfed in terms of graphics by ‘Final Fantasy X’, but the character stencils will be so similar for good guys and bad guys alike that you’ll enjoy it!

‘Tales of Symphonia’ (Namco Tales Studio & Production I.G, 2003)

Lloyd and Colette go on a journey together to save the world. As they progress, they discover that saving their own world means the destruction of a parallel world.

You’ll notice that the design is nowhere near as sophisticated or mature as in ‘Final Fantasy X’. It’s clearly a much more anime-friendly style. But the characters and the development between them is sweet and heart-warming. Without giving too much away, you’ll notice similarities in the plot and characters which will remind you of the more powerful themes in ‘Final Fantasy X’.

Like ‘Final Fantasy X’, much of the criticism went towards the plot, rather than towards the gameplay and combat which was generally favoured, although it does lean more towards the turn-based style.

Similarity Match: 70%
Many characters of ‘Final Fantasy X’ and ‘Tales of Symphonia’ seems to be in harmony, even if the animation and design for the former is stronger and more advanced.

‘Grandia II’ (Game Arts & SkyBox Labs, 2000)

Ryudo, a mercenary on a regular escort mission, finds his world thrown into chaos when he intervenes in an assassination attempt against Elena. He finds himself intertwined in a battle to stop the revival of the evil God, Valmar.

‘Grandia II’ has an unusual battle system. It is similar to the real time turn-based system of the ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise, but with the inclusion of movement and the ability to cancel moves. It’s something a little different that spices up the normal, comfortable JRPG combat systems.

Similarity Match: 60%
‘Grandia II’ might share religious elements with ‘Final Fantasy X’, but it’s definitely more of a game for dungeon crawlers.

‘Lord of the Rings: The Third Age’ (Electronic Arts, Visceral Games & Griptonite Games, 2004)

This couldn’t be more of an exact match in terms of combat system. If you really enjoyed that part of ‘Final Fantasy X’ above all else, then this is the game for you. Although the plot of the game follows the narrative of the film trilogy, there are some noticeable detours from it.

If you’re a Tolkien fan, then ‘Lord of the Rings: The Third Age’ will light up your life, but overall the game lacks the same emotional depth and characterisation of ‘Final Fantasy X’. I didn’t feel invested in a single character in the game, even if it was satisfying combat-wise.

Similarity Match: 60%
If you’re craving the similar characters and the combat style, this will fall as short as a hobbit as it only shares the latter.


If You Like ‘Final Fantasy X’, You Will Like…

‘Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch’ (Studio Ghibli & Level-5, 2010)

Oliver journeys to another world to bring his mother back to life through finding her soulmate (doppelganger).

Studio Ghibli were a huge inspiration for game’s design, and they even collaborated with the makers for the animated sequences which makes the game really unique.

It’s easily one of the most loved JRPG games to have been released in recent years, in my opinion.

The characters are lovable and earnest, and you have the option of having either Japanese or English voice overs, (something I wish ‘Final Fantasy X’ had) and both are excellent. The combat is challenging and uses a blend of JRPG styles out there that will keep you on your toes.

With a heartfelt story, beautiful design and challenging combat, playing ‘Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch’ is time well spent.


Say Your Prayers

While ‘Final Fantasy X’ may have hidden overtones in their themes, at the heart of this game is a genuine story about love, family and sacrifice. Not all of their gambits were a complete success, but there’s no denying the popularity of the game.

What are your favourite qualities in ‘Final Fantasy X’?

Let us know in the comments below!

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