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Assassin's Creed by qqisso (Deviant Art)

4 Games like Assassin’s Creed: You’ll Totally Love!

Mirror’s Edge, Thief, Prince of Persia and Dishonored; all of these can help the wait for the next Assassin’s Creed feel a little more bearable.

I love the Assassin’s Creed games. I love the combat (it just makes me feel so awesome), I love the exploration and collection (yes, I’m one of those weirdoes) and I can’t get enough of the roof-top running.

At the end of the day they provide the right level of action and story, holding my hand and letting me run free, and stylistically they’re wonderful.

But what do you do if like me you’ve played the games to death?

Well, you could sit patiently and wait for a sequel or I could just give you some suggestions of fun games like Assassin’s Creed and you could get stuck in.

…you could sit patiently and wait for a sequel or I could just give you some suggestions…

Mirror’s Edge

Whilst the close quarters combat may be worlds apart (no swords here I’m afraid!), when it comes to cool games like Assassin’s Creed I have to mention Mirror’s Edge. If AC sparked a deep love of all things parkour in you then this is a must.

When it comes to epic rooftop chases it doesn’t get better than this – more complex than AC titles, battles are insanely hard to win meaning you must rely on stealth, tactics and insane fleeing tactics to stay alive.

…When it comes to epic rooftop chases it doesn’t get better than this…

With a sequel arriving imminently on PS4, Xbox One and Windows now is the time to jump some rooftops as Mirror’s Edge inevitably zip-wires into your heart.


I’ll be honest; despite the huge amount of critical acclaim I just wasn’t immediately interested in Dishonored. It was only after watching my husband play bits of it that I realised it was perfect for me. Forced to become an assassin you must fight to get revenge on those who conspired against you.

Of course, we know what comes from being an assassin – choosing how you wish to make your kill, copious amounts of sneaking and some damn good escape routes.

If you get your free-running hit from Mirror’s Edge then this will fill in all the gaps to stop you pining for another Assassin’s Creed title.

This will fill in all the gaps to stop you pining for another Assassin’s Creed title.

Prince of Persia

Any games like Assassin’s Creed should ideally have a good mix of sword-fighting and parkour. Whilst the games above might provide one or the other, the Prince of Persia series combines the two perfectly.

It might not be the serious historically based games series we’re used to but seamless (well, often seamless anyway) free-running and thick and fast sword action mean any AC fan who hasn’t played at least one of these games should be ashamed of yourself. Do yourself a favour and pick up my personal favourite, the 2008 game simply titled Prince of Persia.


With a possible claim to fame of the first real stealth series, Thief has been sneaking around consoles since 1998, but with a sequel lurking in the shadows, it’s time to shine a light on this franchise. The last title in the series was all the way back in 2004, and was one of the first games I really got my teeth into on the original Xbox.

In it, unsurprisingly, you play a master thief. You must get in, steal the loot and escape without alerting the guards. Walking or running can cause too much noise so sneaking in the shadows to avoid attention is a crucial gameplay element. If you don’t want to get out your old consoles then keep your eyes peeled in early 2014 as the series reboots.


Zoey’s Verdict

The Assassin’s Creed series is successful because it brings together so many greatly designed elements in a natural feeling way, and whilst there’s no game exactly like it, there are some similar hybrid games out there. Hopefully I’ve helped you find the game you’re looking for to fill that AC shaped hole.


My name is Zoey Hughes and I′m a video games contributor for itcher. I also write and review for various gaming websites. My first console was the ZX Spectrum and I’ve been utterly hooked ever since. I love all things game related and can usually be found with a controller in my hand, but I’m also passionate about reading, fashion and music. I live a quiet life with my husband/co-op partner whilst I try to keep my competitive side hidden.
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