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Image source: School of Rock

A Film Review for School of Rock For Those About to Rock

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Scout_BeckFor one reason or another I have had to sit through far too many children’s films for my liking. I thought, why not make a film review for school of rock? ~ Scout Beck

So it was with a devil’s horn symbol and a quick blast of air guitar that I welcomed this little gem into my film collection.

To be watched with or without children.

School of Rock (Richard Linklater, 2003 is truly funny, has a great story and brilliant music throughout.

Plus the bouncing bonus of having Jack Black as it’s lead man.

What’s not to like?

So, with a guitar in our hands and rock in our hearts, here’s a Film Review About School of Rock.


What is School of Rock About?

And we shall teach rock and roll to the world…

Black plays Dewey Finn, the out of work musician struggling to meet the rent for the flat he shares with best friend Ned (Mike White)  and his ever-so-slightly highly strung girlfriend Patty (Sarah Silverman).

So he does the natural thing: steals Ned’s identity, pretends to be a teacher in one of the most prestigious schools in the state, teaches the entire class in the ways of rock then enters them into a band competition.

As you do.

Who are the Characters in the Movie School of Rock?


Dewey as Ned is hilarious as he screams up to the school in his transit van with his own ideas of how to be a teacher.

He greets the class with: “Miss Dumb-bum ain’t your teacher today, I am. And I’ve got a headache and the runs.”

But these kids are pretty smart and he’s got his work cut out.

Freddy Jones is that boy in every class. If he has nothing to do he’ll find something to destroy.

In this case, give him some drum sticks and he’ll excel.

Then there’s the wonderfully capable Summer who learns the ways of band management and pretty much runs the class, as well as doing a  good job of organising Dewey too.

The school is ruled with an iron rod by Joan Cusack who is wonderfully uptight as Miss Mullins.

Outwardly terrifying, she reveals her hidden rock-chick after an after-school drink with her newest member of staff.

Turns out she’s pretty cool.

We Salute You!

This film is genuinely really funny for adults and children alike, balancing that fine line between risqué and family friendly.

Hence me watching it plenty of times when I’ve simply got no excuse.

It’s also a great film about music – the band the kids form is absolutely fantastic, and the soundtrack to School of Rock is worth buying on its own. (so I did)

You get the feeling Jack Black is just being himself, brilliant comedian that he is and he’s got some really great lines.

But he doesn’t steal them all and the film is packed full of one-liners and stand-out performances.

It’s great fun watching an adult bring a bit of anarchy into the classroom because, come on, we all wish we’d had a teacher like that.

It has also has a few touching moments and a couple of nice lessons along the way about  being true to yourself and happy in your own skin.

But mainly it’s just a good laugh – irreverent and witty with an exhilarating conclusion.

This film takes us on a epic musical journey through the history of rock and gives a firm lesson in sticking it to the man.

So don’t wait for the kids – Let’s get rocking!


What did You Think?

Have you seen it guys?

Let us know how you liked it …

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