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Disney: Best of Soundtracks Here So Look No Further!

Valeri_LinaresWe all had a childhood, hopefully, filled with music. I have always loved musicals.  And, in spite of their “naivety”, some of the best ones that first come to mind have been produced by Disney. ~ Valeri Linares
When it comes to compiling Disney “Best of” soundtracks, I could easily include films like Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, Aladdin... and so on. Because there are so many here I make a list of the best Disney film soundtracks of my childhood -and adulthood for that matter!

Good Disney Movie Soundtracks through the Decades

`Snow White´ (1937)

Heigh –Ho

Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t know the chorus to this song? I honestly don’t think so. It’s an old classic, and a really good tune actually.

`Pinocchio´ (Norm Ferguson, 1940)

When You Wish Upon a Star 

If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme…

This song became the insignia-tune of Disney film productions.

`Dumbo´ (Norm Ferguson, 1941)

Pink Elephants on Parade 

Why do we have pink psychedelic/disturbing elephants taking over as baby Dumbo drinks his way out of rejection and abandonment -all of this in a children´s movie?  This rare piece is key to Dumbo´s greatness. It is among my favourite Disney animations.

By the way, there is a great article in The Guardian that covers in depth this bizarre -yet outstanding- number.

`Cinderella´ (Clyde Geronimi, 1950)

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

The first “make over” I got to watch in my life. I absolutely adore this song, specially the made-up-words. As a child I thought this spell was so cool, as it was capable of getting you not only the perfect outfit, but a vehicle and a driver to go with it! Not bad at all.

`Alice in Wonderland´ (1951)

Unbirthday Song

A very merry unbirthday To me To who? To me Oh, you

`Peter Pan´ (Clyde Geronimi, 1953)

You Can Fly!

This piece does make one feel like flying is not only possible, but ever so easy!

`The Lady and the Tramp´ (1955)

He´s a Tramp

The fabulous singer Peggy Lee turns into a cute female dog in love, singing the blues.

`101 Dalmatians´ (Clyde Geronimi, 1961)

Cruella De Ville

Perhaps the catchiest tune out of the whole list… Cruella, Cruella De Ville.

`Mary Poppins´ (Robert Stevenson, 1964)


Isn´t it impossible to pick out the best song out of this movie?! They are all brilliant, but Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious may be the most popular and also undoubtedly uplifting.

`The Jungle Book´ (Wolfgang Reitherman, 1967)

I Want to Be Like You

Another movie packed with really good songs. So difficult to pick one…

But I´m really trying to narrow this article as much as possible. Still, Bare Necessities is brilliant also


`Little Mermaid´ (Ron Clements, 1989)

Part of Your World

I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore…

`The Beauty and the Beast´ (Kirk Wise, 1991)

Be Our Guest

Plates and spoons dance on top of the dinner table while a French candlestick sings away his gratitude. Already bizarre enough to be brilliant, but most importantly: the music is superb!!

`Aladdin´ (Ron Clements, 1992)

Sorry, I can´t say one Aladdin song is better than the other. They are all outstanding… all of them!!

`Hercules´ (Ron Clements, 1997)

I Won´t Say I´m in Love

Old Greece spiced up with Gospel music. Unlikely, yet it works wonderfully fine.


`The Princess and the Frog´ (Ron Clements, 2009)

Almost There

Jazzy and sassy.

`Tangled´ (Nathan Greno, 2010)

When Will My Life Begin

I could probably keep on and on and on…

But this was my personal selection throughout the decades.

Something essential I might have left out?

Please, tell me about it!


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