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Biggest Challenges with Mobile Application Development

As with any new business, the unknown challenges are always the most frightening, because you don’t know when they will creep up.

When venturing into a fairly new sector like mobile app development, the challenges with mobile application development and having the right solutions for overcoming these challenges can be a challenge in itself.

If you are passionate and truly believe in what you are creating, solutions will come easier and challenges will be exciting to tackle.

Mobile Apps New Territory

Mobile apps are a whole new planet that is yet to be fully explored.

Consumer behaviours have to be totally re-thought and anticipated, the methods you might rely on getting through to your customers via the big wide web is for one a lot faster on mobile and the impressions you leave on customers seems to have shorter expiry dates.

With 4G becoming the norm for mobile devices, it is fundamental to be active 24/7. Trends, usability, traffic flows never stop and you have to flow with it, never stopping if you are to make an impact and get your brand out there in the public sphere.

The big challenges with application development that many mobile app developers will find is that at the moment it is considered a big milestone to build a mobile app around an original idea, however marketing and optimising the app so it’s easily accessible, you will soon find is a whole other Mount-Everest.

The itcher app has not even launched yet but we have about 4 challenging mountains to climb, so get your strategy caps on because the earlier you plan solutions for these challenges, the better your chances will be in reaching the right demographic over a long period of time.

Top 4 Challenges of Developing a Mobile Application

1. Purpose of the app

The purpose of the app has to match the user experience. If you sell shoes, make sure from the first moment someone lands on your app, they know you sell shoes.

This might seem easy, but if you think of the app development with the essence of the brand running through it, you will have a more consistent, unified and clear product that will be easily understood.

The purpose of the app has to match the user experience.

2. Channel Sourcing

I read that 80% of apps do not actually make any money, so before you even think about monetising the app, you get in front of the right people.

Put together a diagram of all the traffic channels and see which ones will be the most promising. This will be different for every mobile app, whether it’s ASO or Social media or PR, you need to find the right traffic sources and optimise them regularly with content.

Mobile application development plan

3. Patience is a Virtue

With mobile apps the success can be seen much quicker than with purely desktop online businesses.

Number of downloads and general online buzz is enough to determine the hottest apps on the market. However, if you are not looking for your mobile app to be a one hit wonder, research some success stories of online giants like Ebay and Amazon and see how they have made their services into multi-national brands and stood the test of ever changing consumer behaviours.

You might also find how they have tackled a variety of challenges that have been thrown at them over the years.

4. What ifs…

What ifs…. The more of these you cover in your risk log the quicker your business plan can adapt should things go wrong. Have you covered the simple questions?

  • What if the app takes 5 months longer to achieve its download targets?
  • Do you have enough of a marketing / maintenance plan in place to support the slower growth?
  • What if the feedback for the app is not as expected?
  • Can you already see the areas of the app you can re-adjust or add additional features to make sure it’s received well by users?

There will be a lot more challenges and things to plan for, however if you are passionate and truly believe in what you are creating, solutions will come easier and challenges will be exciting to tackle.

Have you Developed a Mobile App?

What your biggest challenges were when you developed your app?

How did you tackled them?

Was it worth the hassle? – I know it was ;)

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