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5 Shows like I Love Lucy: The Golden Age of American TV Sitcoms
Lucy and Desi Arnaz became the first millionaire TV stars, despite many obstacles to their success. The duo overcame initial objections to casting a couple of... show more
5 Shows like Even Stevens: Disney Channel Sitcoms
Before 'Transformers', Shia LaBeouf starred in this Disney sitcom about a mischievious seventh grader who loves nothing more than to tease his overachieving older sister, Ren,... show more
5 Shows like Kenan and Kel: TeenNick
After the success of SNL-style comedy sketch series, 'All That', Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell break out on their own. Kenan is the brains behind the... show more
5 Shows like Jeopardy: Go Big or Go Home
Jeopardy' is probably the most serious of the game shows, and prospective contestants study for years to learn the trivia. Nonetheless, the objective is to win... show more
5 Shows like Little House on the Prairie: Wholesome Family TV
A long-running drama loosely based upon the "Little House" series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder (based on the real life of author Laura Ingalls Wilder).... show more
5 Shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Smooth Talkers of 90s Sitcomes
Will Smith plays himself in this family comedy about a cool troublemaker whose working class background clashes with his extended family's bourgeois ways.... show more
5 Shows like Empresses in the Palace: Historical Tales
This is a rather novel Chinese historical drama set in a harem and focused upon the social dynamics and machinations that take place therein.For other dramas... show more
5 Shows like Ja’mie Private School Girl: Chris Lilley and the Like
Ja'mie... that's J-A-Apostrophe-M-I-E. Weird name, I know, but you'll get used to it'.... show more
5 Shows like Crocodile Hunter: Extreme Wildlife Adventures
Australian wildlife expert, Steve Irwin, will always be best remembered for his television series, The Crocodile Hunter, which he co-hosted with his wife, Terri. ... show more
5 Shows like Clarissa Explains It All: Keeping it Real
The sarcastic and witty teenage host, Clarissa, knows how to keep it real.... show more
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