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Recommended Stoner Rock Music

Good Stoner Rock Music (1995-00): High Times, Heavy Riffs
The mid-90’s saw the stoner rock movement progressing in new and exciting ways from bands, albums and blazing tracks like Fu Manchu, Acid King and The... show more
Good Stoner Rock Music (2000-05): Desert Psychedelia
Queens of the Stone Age grabbed the world’s attention in the early 2000s with gloomy blues-influenced grooves and rumbling guitars characterising their hard rock sound. Their... show more
Good Stoner Rock (1990-95): Up in Smoke
Built upon the ashes of 70’s bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Blue Cheer and Hawkwind, Stoner Metal fused downtuned riffs with psychedelic textures. The 90’s were... show more
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