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Good Progressive Rock Music (2010-15): Progressing Past the Need for Labels
Progressive rock is – by its very definition – forward-thinking, boundary-pushing, limitless. It seems counterintuitive, then, that so much hand-wringing occurs over defining it as a... show more
Good Progressive Rock Music (1970-75): The Progressive Era
For some, progressive rock means stunning musicianship, compositional complexity and intelligent song concepts. Others will tell you it means pretentious rambling, tedious song writing and waffling... show more
Good Rock Music (2010-15): Famous Last Words
With this list we’re finally up to date! It’s been a rollercoaster ride through the decades: from the British Invasion of the 60s to the glitz... show more
Good Rock Music (2005-10): Evolutionary Tales
Welcome to the world of alternative anthems and the rise of power rock! As the noughties took hold, rock music had come a long way over... show more
Good Rock Music (2000-05): 21st Century Sensations
Back in 2000 the new millennia had just arrived, and hard rock began to infiltrate the mainstream charts more and more as the 21st Century took... show more
Good Rock Music (1995-00): Exiting the 20th Century
For a genre that had already evolved countless times since the birth of rock ‘n’ roll half a century earlier, the back end of the nineties... show more
Good Rock Music (1990-95): The Rock Revolution
As the nineties dawned, rock music was about to receive a facelift: an alternative, grungy sound injected fresh life into the genre. Hard rock began to... show more
Good Rock Music (1985-90): Live Aid & Beyond
The year was 1985 and Bob Geldof’s dream of a world united by music came true one fateful Saturday as musical legends on both sides of... show more
Good Rock Music (1980-85): A Brave New Decade
Women wearing outrageously big shoulder pads, the birth of MTV, The A-Team and E.T. Welcome to the eighties! But what was happening in rock during the... show more
Good Rock Music (1975-80): Melodic Rockers
By the mid-seventies, hard rock had a strong foothold in the music world, with many big names hailing from the UK and the States. But as... show more
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