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Good Dream Pop Music (2005-10): Waves Upon Raves
Opaque production and vocal effects were all the rage in the late 2000s. Whether it was mainstream pop artists or brooding indie rockers, atmosphere and texture... show more
Good Dream Pop Music (2000-05): The Age of Haze
Whilst its origins are vague, with most people pointing to 80s gothic rock and 90s shoegaze as precursors, dream pop has turned out to be the... show more
Good Pop Music (2005-10): Digital Decade!
Boybands, girlgroups, K-Pop, teen pop and American Idol hopefuls all saw burgeoning commercial success as the noughties progressed. New blood took to the spotlight and mainstream... show more
Good Pop Music (2010-15): Popping into the Future!
Well, we’re almost up to date and what a fantastic journey it’s been! From the British invasion of the sixties to the re-birth of the singer/songwriter... show more
Good Pop Music (2000-05): Popping into the New Millennium!
Pop music had evolved so much over the years that by the new millennium, it seemed like it had nothing fresh to offer. But the noughties... show more
Good Pop Music (1995-00): Can’t Stop the Pop!
It was all about the dance floor as the nineties drew to a close - a throwback to the disco days with sampled beats, choreographed dance... show more
Good Pop Music 1990-95: New Pop on the Block
The dawn of a new decade brought with it a new trend in pop artists. Boy bands were suddenly very big business. Pop music found itself... show more
Good Pop Music (1985-90): One Hit Wonders & Guilty Pleasures!
The mid-eighties saw a peak in pop music popularity on both sides of the Atlantic, with artists coming together for the Live Aid Concert and a... show more
Good Pop Music (1980-85): Video Killed the Radio Star!
The age of MTV was upon us, and artists of all genres not only had to win Joe Public’s heart with their songs, they had to... show more
Good Pop Music (1975-80): Dancing Queens & Teenage Dreams
As the seventies progressed, disco began to shimmy its way into the mainstream chart and proto-punk bands started popping up on the live circuit. Popular music... show more
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