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Recommended Heavy Metal Music

Good Heavy Metal Music (1975-80): Inventing The Steel
The mid-1970s saw heavy metal move from its formative origins into a cultural phenomenon thanks to groups like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. But there are... show more
Good Heavy Metal Music (1970-75): The Birth of a Beast
Heavy metal music has been enthralling listeners and terrorising the establishment for decades now. It’s loud, brutal and menacingly dark. Of course, you know all that,... show more
Good Heavy Metal Music (2010-15): Decade of Decadence
Here, we’re almost up to date with the heavy metal half-decades, and the last five years has seen some old names spring back to life and... show more
Good Heavy Metal Music (2005-10): Louder Than Life!
As the noughties progressed, so did the diversity of heavy metal, with so many sub-genres popping up as to almost make the term obsolete. Still, the... show more
Good Heavy Metal Music (1990-95): Instruments of Destruction
As the grunge scene began to trudge its way across the face of music and alternative metal began to take shape, the heavy metal behemoths that... show more
Good Heavy Metal Music (1985-90): Heavy Metal Onslaught!
By the mid-eighties, heavy metal had established itself as one of the most popular genres on the planet, with metalheads moshing out to some of the... show more
Good Heavy Metal Music (1980-85): Gods of Thunder
Born of power chords and a bass line that vibrates down your spine, heavy metal is an electrifying genre. Leather-clad heroes with an out of this... show more
Good Heavy Metal Music (1995-00): Redefined for the Millennium
The late 90s was something of an interim phase for heavy metal as more extreme styles were driven underground in favour of the controversial nu metal... show more
Good Heavy Metal (2000-05): From DJ’s to Death Growls
Heavy metal was ready for something new in the early 2000s: groove metal was on the wane, rap metal was dead, and the much maligned nu... show more
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