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Sasquatch Music Festival Review 2015 – Liveliest Live Acts
The Gorge, the venue which plays host to Sasquatch music festival, is not only the smallest, most organised and cleanest festival site I have ever been... show more
Top 10 The Cure Albums – Timeless & Dark
The Cure has created a rich sonic tapestry of mood and epic song craft for almost four decades. If you’re looking to explore their discography, let’s... show more
Top 10 Essential Depeche Mode Albums
Depeche Mode have built up a significant body of work over their 35 year career. If you’re a newbie looking for where to start, let’s explore... show more
Essential Faith No More Tracks: Music to Worship
Faith No More are one of the most influential and groundbreaking groups in alternative rock. Let’s take a look at their 10 most definitive musical moments... show more
5 Romantic Albums Perfect For Valentine’s Day
When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s all about setting the mood. And nothing creates a romantic atmosphere better than music. But with so many... show more
5 Unique Non-Traditional Classical Wedding Songs
Wedding are almost always stressful. Once the big decisions have been made there are all the little details that make the day “your” day. One of... show more
Hidden Meditation Mantras in Pop Music: Enlightening
You may think: mantras, meditation, chakra stuff… I’m not into New Age. Well, fear not. I am not here to promote anything, I am simply fascinated... show more
itcher’s Guide to James Bond Songs – Part 2
Sean Connery, itcher’s Guide to James Bonds’ Songs – Part 2 His legendary status is beyond comparison. But it wasn’t all plain sailing for Connery. Before... show more
The 10 Best Non-Christmas Christmas Songs: Refreshing Alternatives
Non Christmas Songs for Christmas During the Christmas season we are bombarded with traditional Christmas music in department shops, shopping malls, TV and radio… the list... show more
Most Inspirational Music Videos of All Time: 12 Hits
Compiling a list of influential music videos was an interesting research project and the biggest challenge for me was to exclude the majority of my favourite videos from... show more
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